Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Situation Resolved Sorta - Its a bittersweet end

First I want to thank those that tried to help. There were many that just got me absolutely more frustrated and I had to take a walk and leave the house for awhile to clear my head. Lets just say if I wasn't on my medicine I would've likely killed myself last night.

Basically it went down like this.

Google reports that there was some suspicious activity on my account and locks it. I check it out and well my YT account is banned among many other things.

After rectifying my account issues. I find my youtube account was suspended due to spam. After discussing this with them and explaining that I was hacked they released my account.

The strike was still on my channel though so I had to appeal the strike. That was successful but youtube replies back and states that the videos in question did not meet Community Guidelines and was therefore removed. I said to myself ok its only 2 videos and they were pointless funny stuff anyway.

Then I get well over 150+ notifications in my Gmail saying that more videos were removed for not meeting community guidelines. I could not appeal these at all. Upon further investigation it was videos that were related to Final Fantasy. Whoever it was did not like my final fantasy videos and wanted them gone.

After trying to find ways to contact youtube cause they don't have a phone number and emails are only for counter claims (copyright), Copyright, and Law breaking issues. I had to resort to a forum and hope they would answer.

No one really did. But 2 people I guess they work for youtube I don't know. But I get the an explanation saying that my descriptions constituted as spam. Apparently tags in description they said constitute as spam. I can't really prove that its not spam cause I don't have access to those videos anymore nor there descriptions. Just straight notifications that they're rejected due to "Inappropriate Content".  Most of the videos removed I know were just long paragraph descriptions explaining parts of the game or strategies. I know some of them like Final Fantasy X had tags in the description. But I'm sure Chocobo's Dungeon didn't have any tags in descriptions nor did FF12 or FF4.

Well there's no arguing with Youtube. The damage is done. All I can conclude is that someone got mad that my videos came up in the search results and marked it as spam. Or a bot came into my account and wrecked everything. And during the downtime Youtube goes well it violates our community guidelines so its convenient for us to just remove every last video instead of putting them back.

What does this mean? Well unless there's a way to get every single video that was removed back to reupload them again. I'm gonna have to play through Final Fantasy 1- 13 all over again. *dies*

The only video Playlist intact are:
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 7

Everything else is dead. Unless someone out there knows how to download removed videos from youtube or just happens to have a copy of them somewhere. I'm stuck replaying all those games that were destroyed.

Thanks to those that helped. I'll make a video later its 5AM.