Monday, March 2, 2015

Suikoden Quick Guide I guess (Week 1)

This is just a quick reference guide for Suikoden 1.  Nothing special. I'm unable to upload a full walkthrough due to Konami claiming it. If you want a full guide you should check out here: 

Very reliable guide to reference there. 

Ok for week one this will cover From the start of the game to acquiring your castle.

To note at the start. If you intend to import your save data to Suikoden II. To keep your character name the same in the 2nd game. Name your character in all capital letters (ex. BRANDON). This is cause the game will attempt to rename your character to Mcdohl. If you spell your name normally (ex. Brandon) the name will take your first letter and change the rest to say Mcdohl (ex. Bcdohl). It'll look weird when the other characters talk to you but get used to it.

Optional Boost:

As soon as you gain control of your character. You'll have to return home. The moment you enter your house you can leave town. Head to the inn SAVE!!! Leave town you can train on the monsters around here. I reccomend fighting the Bonbon and Crow monsters first. Anything else has a high chance of killing you in 1 to 2 turns. You can keep fighting out here return to rest at the Inn (its free) save and redo.  

-You can take Ted with you if you feel like it. But don't progress anymore after that just leave the house. You'll miss the big payoff if you take anyone else.

-If you fight the Mosquitoes there's a chance they can drop a Holy Crystal.

After training to (Level 10-ish) leave Gregminster alone and go south to Lenankamp. You can level up your weapon to 5. Shop for some armor. 

Leave and head east of Gregminster to reach Rockland. Save at the Inn and you'll find a character named Marco. You can play a mini-game to guess where the coin is under the cups. Play it at 100 Bits for about 10 rounds. Make a note of where the coin was each time. Now reset the game. Reload your save. Now play the game again. But at a higher bet. That list you made of where the coin use it cause the coin will be in the "EXACT SAME SPOT" where they were. So now you just cheated Marco out of untold amounts of Bits. You can easily be set for a good portion of this game with this method. Just get as much out of it as you can cause you won't be here very long.

Now that we have money. Save and now we go west of Gregminster to Mt.Tigerwolf.  Take note that this area is tough. So either bribe or run like hell if comes down to it. Cross Mt.Tigerwolf you can't take a rest at the house you come across halfway so don't bother. Once you cross it you'll make it to the Town of Sarady. In the northeasternmost house talk to the man here. You'll get a choice of taking 1 of 2 crystals. 

Fortune Crystal
Prosperity Crystal

Fortune Crystal can used as a Rune and its equip effects is double the Bits you acquire after battle. Prosperity Crystal doubles the amount of EXP you get after battle.

Don't equip this to the Hero cause of future events. If you do make sure to remove it before you fight the bandits boss. That ends the optional stuff you can do right now.

Main Story:

You can either train your other party members or let them slowly catch up as you progress through the story. Just keep your Focus on Gremio and Cleo for now due to story events. Move Ted, & Cleo to the back row. 

Boss 1: Golem

Easy spam Gremio & Pahn's Unite attack for some damage or just use Free Will. The Free Will command has a good chance of letting party members land critical hits. Don't worry shouldn't be too hard to deal with if it is go level up some more.

-Cleo has the best Magic Stat aside from the hero. So give her the Fire Rune when you get the chance.

Boss 2: Queen Ant

Just Survive you can't kill it anyway.  An event will happen and you'll finish it off. 

Boss 3: Varkas and Sydonia

If you equipped the Fire Rune to Cleo you can have her spam magic while the others slowly pick off the bandits one by one.

-After this Pahn leaves the party for a bit. Be careful as you can trigger a destructive glitch that replaces Gremio with Pahn. You won't be able to progress the game either forcing you to reset.

-Don't bother with equipping or powering up Odessa. You'll see why.

-You can grind Water Rune Pieces from the Blue Slimes.


-You can head to Great Forest and grind here. You can auto level as well if you have a rapid fire controller. Easily reach LVL 20. Remember to buy some Pointy Hats to avoid Balloon status.

Main Story

Boss 4: Zombie Dragon
This boss can be pretty tough with his breath attack so be ready to heal up with medicine.

-Just like with the Hero if you intend to import your data to the 2nd game. Name your castle in all CAPS. 

-Well now you can recruit ppl. 

Boss 5: Assassin
Just survive. He'll run away.

Current Available Recruits at this point

  • In Kaku there's Sergei (he'll add an elevator to your castle)
  • In Kwaba There's Chandler (he'll be the castle's item shop). To add more items to your castle's shop visit each and every town's item shop.
  • In Seika you have Marie, Onil, and Antonio. Marie is your castle's Inn. Onil will be able to help you remind yourself what you need to do next. To get Antonio keep resting at your castle until Marie talks about there being a lack of food and she needs a cook.
  • Garan the bridge in the southwest part of the continent you'll find Kai. A pretty decent party member.