Sunday, March 8, 2015

Suikoden Week 2:

Well between the last part. You should be well on your way to the Great Forest. You can pick up a few recruits on your way if you wish.

  • Sheena: Simply bringing Lepant with your group and talking to him in Seika

After you trek/Grind through Great Forest with Kirkis. When you come across the village of the elves don't forget to shop there. Cause well it's not gonna be here in a few hours.

Dwarves' Village

Upgrade some weapons and armor and get moving to your next location. At the Vault you can grind the robots here for a Trick Rune and some other nice items. The trick rune can be used for another party member. Not just any one. But Meg can also use it along with Juppo.


Nothing really hard about this boss just more of a who can outlast who.

Major Battle: Pannu Yakuta Castle
Your first major battle and everything can easily go wrong. Reload save wrong. Its basically rock, paper, scissors format of combat. Swords beat Bow, Bow beats Magic, Magic Beats Sword. Predicting what the enemy will do is the issue right now. You only have thieves to rely on for intel on there next move. They're very unreliable. One of 3 things will happen. They'll tell you the next attack, They'll steal money, or they'll say "I didn't see it coming,"  Yeah....And if you choose wrong you'll not only lose a chunk of your forces but you risk losing a party member permanently. If that happens Reset! Retry again. Bow is somewhat a safe zone to play But not really.

You can grind in this area for some decent armor and shields if you're really lucky. You won't have to shop for a bit getting armor here.


And now a boss. Well your party isn't anything notable cause a lot of characters forced there way into your party slots. So just use what you have that works.

Duel: Kwanda Roseman

1 on 1 with Kwanda Roseman. Use the guide to help you out here to make things really easy.  Basically you choose Attack, Defend, or Desperate attack.
Attack beats Defend
Defend beats Desperate Attack
Desperate Attack beats Attack
Character levels also help here a lot. Leaves more room for mistakes.

Keep Kwanda alive. So he can join you. Then pick up:


  • Templeton - At the now Burnt Village of the Elves he'll join and give you a map.
  • Gon - With Kuromimi in the party at Kobold Village he'll ask to join.
  • Fu Su Lu - You gotta pay his tab at the Kobold Village 
  • Lorelai - If you're Level 25 she'll join you at Seika village Inn.
  • Apple - While you're still there in Seika, Visit Mathiu's school to find Apple

Major Battle: Fortress of Garan

This is easier than the first one but still be careful all the same.  Once you win this one. You'll get thrusted into another Major battle at Pannu Yakuta Castle. Unfortunately You lose it automatically. You have to figure out a way to fix that poison problem before you liberate this area....