Saturday, March 28, 2015

YT Channel Update And All That (End of March 2015)

Ok its been a really busy month for me. With all the chaos going on with my YT channel. I'm working to restore videos that were removed due to many many things. If you don't know about it a quick recap.

Youtube Banning & Restoring Old Videos 

A few weeks ago someone hacked my google account and started wreaking havoc on many things uploading videos that got my YT almost banned, adding devices to my account that I don't own, etc. After explaining that to Youtube staff they released my account from purgatory. However at the same time many of my videos particularly related to final fantasy were removed on the grounds of spam. When I explained that those weren't spam I got a reply back stating that the descriptions qualified as spam. Either cause of the description being insanely long explaining certain things or cause like every other popular youtuber I had extra tags. Yet mine were related to the video. Apparently Youtube doesn't like Extra tags or super long descriptions. So they proceeded to remove the videos. Long story short someone didn't like my youtube videos popping up in there search and proceeded to mark them all as spam.  So since the videos in the technical sense qualified as spam. They were removed. I can't dispute them as there's a silly limit on this. You can only dispute 2 videos every 6 months about whether or not they violate the Terms of Service. And I lost well over 150 videos.  I ended up learning a lot about how stupid youtube's system actually is through reading and asking around about what to do. It really is a screwed up system with no one to correct its flaws, only cover over them with a blanket.

I tried to reupload some of the videos that were once removed however I caught sight of another issue. Youtube doesn't allow the videos that violated there policy to be reuploaded again. You can try to change the file name. Yeah that old trick doesn't work anymore. Unless I edit every video there's no way to reupload them. Editing said videos however would end up making the quality much worse than what they were as I noticed with my own personal test. So the only way to fix this was rerecord everything and do it at a higher quality cause well I have that power now.  The videos removed were ancient and long before 720p and 1080p were even available. Obviously these were before 60fps was available as well.

So what I pretty much resolved myself to do and painfully is to go through every Final Fantasy game that was removed from my youtube and add some that weren't even on the channel yet as well. This is a long, arduous, and painful process. There's a lot of the Final Fantasy games I just don't like to replay. And then there's some that I just don't want to play ever again. Anyway what I ended up doing is making a poll at where to start first.

From my poll As of 3/28/2015 
Final Fantasy IX (Final Fantasy 9) is finished. I literally just finished it last night. Completed everything. It is being uploaded to Youtube. Soon to be moving on to the next one on the list which apparently is Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy 6) PSX Version.  I'm gonna make a new poll sooner or later after I knock off a couple of the first games.

Bills, doctors, financial stuff.

Looking at how things are going financially. Its not going well at all. I pretty much broke even this month. After finishing my taxes, paying for my medication, Renewing my license, and taking care of other needs. I literally broke even this month. So what I'm gonna end up doing is finding ways to cut down on spending.

The hospital I go to for my appointments is very stupid. There system is so backwards I'm surprised I'm not dead due to medical error. When I went to refill my meds I had to do it online cause the hospital where I got the prescription from is a good 45 minute drive. They didn't give me prescription that I could just take to my local drug store. The first time I got it. My medicine was $10 bucks. And I could just go to my grocery store's Pharmacy and get it for $4 bucks. Anyway to refill I have to put it in online. They don't tell you how much it cost till after you put the order in and after you put in your credit card info. You don't get to review your order for the total or anything. Well I never I got notified how much it actually was. I had to go to my bank and find out how much was taken out of my account.  $10. No big deal just wish I knew ahead of time. When I got my medicine in the mail. I ended up receiving the wrong receipt. Luckily it was the right medication. I had to call the hospital about this error. And pretty much they say they don't know how it happened. Yet apparently its happened before many times. There phone system took forever to get through. I end up on the phone with lazy people that don't know what they're doing. They also can't speak clearly. Had the phone on max volume couldn't understand them half the time. Sheesh.  Yeah if possible I won't be getting my meds through the hospital anymore.

Taxes gave me an unexpected cost. I had to pay to file my taxes this year. Which last year I didn't have to pay. Not fair.

One of the main ways I'm looking into is going with Gamefly. I never even gave it thought before cause I don't like to rent games. My past history with rentals taught me that much. I was robbed back when I was 17 years old for a rental. And I had to pay full price for the game. (It was Onimusha 3 and the game literally just came out).  Also I don't really trust the whole thing with using USPS mail system. In the past couple of years I've seen stupid things happen to our mail system where I live. I don't really trust it but at the same time its more or less all I have. Anyway it seems Gamefly is the best way to go to save me some money. If you guys know about Gamefly or something else entirely let me know.


I apologize. I've tried to stream again a few times and I'll just be honest. The streams were just complete crap. My capture card is subpar. Using Roxio Gamecapture Standard which only goes up to 720p. While I don't care much for quality this capture card is really funky about what it captures. I can't really capture games older than PS2 on it. It really just doesn't want to work with me to be perfectly honest. When I try to stream with OBS apparently OBS is a crap program. No one was able to solve my problem I had with it. I posted on there official forums. I asked other sites for help. I even asked people on YouTube for help. No one seems to know at all. I honestly think that if I was more popular someone would be able to help me out but can't complain about that now. I tried and got no good results.

So I was forced to used Adobe FME which is actually outdated streaming software. Adobe doesn't support it anymore so there's no more updates for it. Also with it there's absolutely no commentary that can be done with it. Every time I streamed however I still got problems that I was unable to fix. Even now I'm stuck looking for another new microphone cause this one I bought for like 15 bucks shorted out on me for some reason.  Why is it everything I buy crap out on me when I really need it. I don't know what to do but to possibly save money or just never stream again. I don't know at this point. I'm looking into this whole hosting thing with Twitch. But at the same time I'm looking for people to host and host back like a collaboration of sorts.


Well with the games Aside from the plethora of Final Fantasy games. Here's what I'm working through.

Gundam Breaker 2: This game is finished. There's generally nothing else to do except the extra missions. I don't really want to do those solo cause I recall those are insanely hard and unforgiving. I don't think there's anymore DLC coming out for the game. The last I remember is Gundam DX which was yesterday (as when I'm typing this).  So there's generally nothing to do. Unless I can find a group to play with that isn't really going to bum rush the game.

SoulCalibur Lost Swords: Well this game never updated with any actual quest so I guess there's nothing left to do. I see the game is still looking to milk players for all there money. They released Lexia who cost $90 to get. They added more weapons but I don't really see a point. I finished every single Normal and Master quest that was up there so I don't think there's anything left to do. The Soul Edge Scramble stuff is rather boring. You pretty much have to be godlike in levels and have godlike equipment to beat it now. I don't reccommend anyone to download this game even if it is Free to Play. Unless your a die hard Soulcalibur fan or you have some discipline never to buy a thing for this game, don't bother. It does have a bit of a following going so there's players around. But I just don't see the appeal for this game anymore. Unless the game updates its quests I don't see myself playing this.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire: Its going along slowly. I'm sorry. I'm stretched so thin with everything. Its stressful to work with. I'm currently looking to train some Pokemon for Lavaridge Gym cause I have no Pokemon that are advantageous to that gym.

Skylanders Trap Team: Well I was generally done with the game cause I can't find the extra stuff for cheap. My sister actually went on Skylanders shopping spree last week and got all the extra stuff I was missing so I'm gonna use some of her stuff and buy some of my own to play. Expect a couple more videos of this in the future.

Upcoming Games

Dragonball Z Xenoverse: After seeing this game. I find myself really wanting it. I'm not happy with the spammy ki blast moves but I think I can play this for a bit. I am rather disappointed that I can't make a character of other races of Dragonball. I mean you got those demon races with tons of different looks. Then there's those giant dinosaur/dragon guys like Giran. And there's the androids....cyborgs...whatever I guess those count as humans. Maybe there will be a Xenoverse 2 and it'll have those races. Also hopefully much better character customization. Looking at the game I don't like the whole bit about clothes giving stats. Its something I'm just going to have to deal with.

Final Fantasy VI (FF6): Well next on the list according to this poll is FF6. So I'll get to work on that.

Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time: I think I'll jump back on this as well. I want to finish it.

Sonic (Insert something here): I haven't decided on what Sonic game to go with yet. Probably will be a Wii title. I'll figure it out sooner or later.

Strike Suit Zero: I will be jumping back onto this game. Just trying to balance things out.

I think that's all I can think of to mention.