Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bogus Video Game Rumors

Before the age of the internet. Our only source of info on games was various magazines, Costly hotline numbers, and word of mouth. The worst came from word of mouth as a lot of people were confused or made up stories about random things that are in the game. Here's a couple that I've heard.

Super Smash Bros. 64

Giant Mario: 

While it is true you can make Mario giant the way you unlock him is completely different.

False Method: To make Mario giant simply perform his taunt then pause the game and hit L+R+A+Start. Mario will stay giant and have giant fireballs and all his moves will instant K.O. You should obviously be able to see how this is fake. When you pause the game during a match. L+R+A+Start ends a match prematurely.

The real method:
Video Example 

choose Mario as your character and any other character as the CPU. Then choose the level MUSHROOM KINGDOM as the stage. Next knock the CPU under the bridge thing made out of blocks with a pipe on it. Next jump next to the pipe and keep on rolling. Keep rolling and you'll get bigger and bigger!

Unlock an Ice version of Captain Falcon

As cool as this sounds. Its totally untrue.  After unlocking all the characters Highlight Captain Falcon. Then continue to hold Right on the control stick and press right on the D-Pad. Captain falcon should change to a Blue/Light Blue color scheme and instead of having fire attacks. His moves will be ice based. His Falcon punch will freeze an opponent instead of knocking them away.  Heard this as a child when Smash Bros first came out.

Sonic 1(Sega Genesis Version)

Unlock Super Sonic: 

In later ports of this game there's an added option to play as Super Sonic. However we are not talking about the iOS, android, and Hacked versions. We're talking about the genesis version.

Well here's how I was told how to do it. Start the game up and play normally till you reach Green Hill Zone Act 3. Upon reaching an area where you can spin dash through the wall retreat back to the start of the area with the spikes and kill Sonic. Repeat this until game over. Press C on the controller at the Game Over Screen start your game again and you'll have Super Sonic.

Final Fantasy 7

Equip Cloud with the Excalibur.

I think we all know that such a weapon does not exist in FF7. To unlock this weapon you're to master 8 Knights of the Round materia's and put them all into Cloud's Ultima Weapon. The Ultima Weapon will turn into the Excalibur and give Cloud the ability to break the damage limit.

Get Aeris/Aerith back on the console version

We all know that the only way to make this happen is through a cheat device. But this is obviously a confused rumor cause you can do the process on the PC version of the game.

Pokemon Red/Blue

Get Mew

Its generally impossible to get this godlike pokemon without either cheating or getting to one of those exclusive events at least in the past. But how many have heard this one?

To get Mew you must push the truck located at the side of the S.S.Anne. However you are not able to get there easily in the game. You must K.O. all of your pokemon after grabbing the HM from the captain so that you'll warp back to the pokemon center and not see the SS Anne take off.  After acquiring Surf and Strength. Return to the SS Anne and surf over to the right instead of entering the ship. You'll find a truck sitting there. Now use Strength and push the truck until it finally moves to reveal a pokeball that contains Mew.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Start with 4 Hearts.

Yes this one will sound really stupid. To Start with 4 hearts simply change Link's name to Zelda when starting a new game.

Tales of Vesperia

You can Block Mystic Artes?!

As stated by a strategy guide I bought. Apparently I'm able to reduce the damage of Mystic artes.
Stated in the top paragraph. By holding X you can apparently block Alexei's Brilliant Cataclysm, which is his mystic arte.