Monday, April 6, 2015

Characters that Deserve a Spot in Smash Bros (and Likely Never Will Receive it)

After the announcement of voting for your favorite character to be in Smash I saw a plethora of post that either say "Please vote for this character" or "I'm voting for this characters and you should too." Sadly none of those post I agree with. Most were silly and had characters like Goku (DragonBall Z), Sora (Kingdom Hearts), and Cloud (Final Fantasy 7).  Then we got post of constant fan favorites such as Krystal (Starfox), Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog), and any given Pokemon.

Well these are the choices I would make if given the chance. I did a bit of thinking and said to myself. None of these characters would ever make it. Nobody remembers them or they just don't care.

K.Rool (Donkey Kong)

Considering that we have D.K. and Diddy in the game. What about K.Rool? Or any other villain in the Donkey Kong Series? Are they that forgettable? They didn't suck as bosses. In fact we were frustrated with them our first couple times fighting these guys. If not K.Rool what about the many generic henchman. 

 Dillon (Dillon's Rolling Western)

This guy has 2 games already with Nintendo. So he gets to be a Smash Trophy. I guess you gotta have a toy line, 4 more games and high sales numbers to make it as a character. Seriously even now not many people know about him. Guess he needs a console game.

Leon (F-Zero) 

Ok I'm not specifically asking for Leon from F-Zero or any particular character. And honestly Leon and many other characters got the short end of the stick in terms of being good in F-Zero. However, I'm sick and tired of seeing only Captain Falcon in Smash Bros to represent F-Zero. Basically all Smash Bros is telling me is that Captain Falcon is the only character in Smash and everyone else is nonexistent.

Hunters (Metroid Prime Hunters)

You don't have specifically put these guys in there. But all we have for Metroid in Smash is Samus and well...Samus. Ridley is there but not as many fans wanted. I honestly don't expect Ridley to be playable ever. We could have some other character from the Metroid series to play as though. 

Brian (Quest 64)

This is a total long shot. His game wasn't well received. He was published by many other companies. So yeah this guy probably will never happen. Not even in terms of getting a Reboot. But I do remember him kicking ass and how many asses he'll kick with just his staff and his mass of Magic Spells.

Ray 01 (Custom Robo)

This dude came back to appear on the DS and GC then vanished only to be used a Smash Trophy in Brawl. He honestly deserves more credit than he gets. Don't argue to me that he's really small in actual size. We're talking videogames here we can make it work. Logic doesn't apply. 

Isaac (Golden Sun)

I'm not necessarily asking for Isaac but how could anyone forget this guy and his friends saving the world?  How could we forget the Ragnarok spell or the Judgement summon? These guys are well deserving of more love than we give them.

Mallow & Geno (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars)

There's always some of us that ask, hope, dream, and even beg. But we never see them. Heck its like they don't exist in the Mario Universe anymore. I could never forget these guys. Geno with his 9999 Geno Whirl. Mallow with Snowy. 

Sadly cause of many reasons fans, assets, sakurai, stupid reasons, etc. I'll likely never see these guys in Smash Game. Unless its hacked or a fan game. One can dream though.