Friday, April 3, 2015

Final Fantasy IX (FF9) Again My Mild Suffering

I knew I was going to have to put myself through this cause I needed to have these youtube videos back up somewhere. Generally as a reference tool for myself and as a just in case someone actually wants to see that game. I don't really like this game. I don't like Zidane. I don't find Stiener as great as everyone says he is. Amarant is nonexistant. Freya is cool but not very strong. Anyway lets look at this game a 4th time in my life.


In terms of story the villains did reveal thereselves at a proper moment. Except the final boss who gets shoehorned in cause the fight with Trance Kuja wasn't epic enough. But the characters in all honesty did not get as fleshed out or should I say moments as they should have. I'm talking about most of the main party. I find that NPC's or the temporary characters got a lot more spotlight than these characters.

Freya: Pretty much she shows up kicks some ass. You find that her boyfriend has a case of amnesia and she goes all SOAP Opera mode (for like 2 minutes then we forget that that happened).  We didn't get any actual closure on this except for the ending. She just picked herself up and got moving with the main plot. Although I tend to see Anthro/Beast type characters always get that kind of treatment.  They have some sort of tragic crisis but they don't let it bug them and cry about it for the entire game and move on. She honestly didn't do much in the story IMO.

Amarant: To be honest where was he? You don't get much backstory on him at all. And his character development isn't there. You meet him at the end of Disc 2 and he pretty much is Disc 1 Squall. He doesn't care for anything and his story about how he met Zidane although hilarious was his only backstory. Then Zidane comes back to rescue him and suddenly he's friendly. I literally never understood what Amarant's purpose was in this game. He didn't exactly do anything helpful.

I'd mention Quina but I'd be lying to myself. he/she Did many random things and was more of a comic relief character when Vivi tripping over himself and Zidane's antics got old. Quina was the most simplistic character and an open book. I don't even like Quina.

I'm honestly rather surprised they went back to the whole Crystal bit. It was somewhat of a FF staple for a time then disappeared. Somewhat of an unneeded plot twist but whatever it worked.

I hate Zidane. His childish character gets on my nerves. It may be nice not to have a feeling sorry for myself character cause of tragic past (even though Zidane does this at a point) for a change. But I can't stand characters that act like him. His worst moment is where he's talking to Vivi under the stars at Madain Sari. SE why are you guys so dirty. Yeah his qualities is pushing all the shy characters forward. But Zidane's character just rubs me the wrong way.  Pissing off authority, constantly hitting on girls, his rep sheet goes on.

The character I did like is Vivi. His actions and attitude was really well human. Yeah he gets turned into a wuss in KH2 but that's a different game. This guy wanted to understand the concept of life and death and his own existence. Stiener as a character was good as well. Playing the blindly loyal Knight. A common role but still good character.  Dagger and Eiko well they were important to the plot. So they had to be good characters.

As Party Members

As Party members I only use:

  • Zidane: Cause I'm forced to use him. 
  • Vivi: Vivi is beyond broken.
  • Dagger: Dagger is broken.
  • Eiko: Eiko is almost as broken as Vivi.
I don't like the others. For one there abilities come way too late and most are fairly useless. Another reason is that Physical attacks for most of the game aren't as effective as magic is. 

Zidane: He's the main character. You're stuck with him. His abilities aren't that great. Stealing is generally a means to get ahead for the next boss fight coming. But Zidane likes to be a dick about stealing and pretty much never does till much much later. Same with all the other stealing party members. I never liked his skills. Aside from Flee and Thievery there wasn't any good skills he had. Thievery IMO was generally useless cause I have MP Attack on. Why bother? Even his Trance abilities quickly became useless cause I could just do a normal attack and get the job done.

Vivi: Vivi's Focus ability allows him to charge his magic power to 1.5 times its current amount. This also stacks for the duration of the battle and never goes down until the battle is over. Even if Vivi dies. The Focus Stacks are still there. So you can Focus till you hit 100 Magic Attack Power and Thus Vivi becomes a god. 

Dagger: She's pretty much a Rydia clone. Rydia in FF4 was pretty much an all around mage. But she couldn't use her summons till much later. Dagger has a very similar circumstance. She literally can't use her summons till Disc 2 (unless you grinded her levels to death) So she's just a white mage. Then a godlike Summoner. 

Eiko: Super White Mage with the Situational Summons. Carbuncle give Vivi Reflect bouncing. Phoenix for reviving. Fenrir was cool (even if he is Earth element) till you got Madeen. So honestly you could switch between Madeen or her Holy spell cause both did very high damage. I don't think there existed an enemy that resist holy either. So there you go.

Stiener: I don't see the appeal of Stiener. He's slow. Oh that's nice he can get Excalibur II (which meant not stopping to smell the roses on your journey.) Yeah he can get strong swords but is it worth it? He learns his abilities really late in the game too. All the kick ass moves Beatrix knows, Stiener doesn't get till MUCH later. So I guess pair him with Vivi....even though Stiener's MP stat sucks. 

Freya: Yeah Dragoons are cool. But also tend to be last ones alive. I've had many occassion where Freya is in the air the enemy kills everyone else. Freya comes back to a dead party only to die herself. Her abilities aren't all that useful either.  I mean you got Dragon's Crest which is based on the number of dragons you killed. The worst move being Six Dragons which does some random crap.  She's cool but don't like her.

Amarant: A jack of all trades character. Posessing abilities from almost every class. I guess his most useful moves are Curse which adds a random weakness to the enemy and his throwing weapons ability. But I never saw a purpose in throwing weapons. I needed them for synthesis. 

Actual Gameplay talk.

Note: Some videos will not show till a specific date. Please be patient. 

Ok now that I've gone over all that. Lets talk about the game itself and the choices I did.

Lag: Playing this on the PS3 I notices a lot of lag spikes. Especially during special moves. Not fun to deal with.

King of Jump Rope: 

This time I went for it and recorded it. I find it a lot easier to do on the PSX than PS3. The frame rate seem to run differently between the 2 consoles. 

Boss Fights: 
I actually attempted more to steal from bosses than I did in the past. Just for an advantage in the future. 

Grinding: I will grind for AP but I don't care for levels till Disc 3 - Disc 4 Territory.  I rather have the abilities learnt especially the status defense ones and killer ones. 

Grinding 2: 

I hate the early grinding method a lot people suggest. To me its unreliable. Killing Grand Dragons and praying that it or the Garuda's don't kill you on Disc 1. Like I said before I focus more on AP than Levels till Disc 3 or Disc 4.

Grinding 3: I did attempt the Stiener Auto Grind Method. To be honest it doesn't really matter about his level unless you're fighting Tantarian early.  I probably could've left the game running all night with this method but only did it for a couple of hours while I got some other work done.


I completed the chocobo bit like last time. Main difference is I did it as early as possible. 


I actually made an effort to kill the Ragtimer and answer all his questions correctly. 

Quina Frog Hunting: 

I went for 100+ frogs. Its pretty easy to be honest. Just make sure to leave a male and female frog behind. I didn't get Quina's 1000 needles move. No need really.

Killing that annoying epitaph: 

I found out the easy way to kill that annoying monster in Oelivert. Just throw a soft on him and there you go.  

Did I use the Tent Trick?: No I didn't bother. I find it unreliable. 

Hippaul's Racing: I forgot that its only on Disc 3 and missed it.

Stellazzio: I collected all 13 Stellazzio. Kinda worth the trouble.

Card Game: I didn't bother much with the card game this round. I have a far better file with it complete so. 


After about 4 or 5 attempts I killed him. Or really he killed himself. Its the first time where I see Zidane being a dick about stealing from this guy. Usually he steal everything without fail. I'm still surprised it killed itself since it practically healed every time I hit the stupid giant ball. I guess I could say I'm lucky cause he didn't bother to cast Meteor in that attempt. I hate Meteor's random damage. I had times where it only did 3k or less damage. Then other times where it did over 6K damage. This spell makes no sense.

Cinna's Hammer: I did get the hammer. I honestly don't know the difference between the endings.  Maybe someone can point it out.


In terms of boss fights. I have to say. Zidane was a total dick when it came to stealing items. Usually I have better luck stealing from bosses. This time wasn't the case. 

There's not much else to say about it.

I like the monster designs and some of the Eidolons. But this is a game I don't wanna run through again. I'm not fond of the mini-games. The sidequest are rather boring. This would probably be far more worth it if it was on the PS3/360 for the Trophys/Achievements.

The story isn't bland or anything I just don't like running through this game. Its not one of my favorites. My favorite part is pretty much fighting Trance Kuja. There isn't really a place to have fun on this game which makes me not want to spend too much time on the game. Alright so the next game is Final Fantasy VI (FF6) at least according to the poll. 

Side Note: I apoligize for not streaming this much.  For one when I did stream very few people showed up. And OBS was giving me issues while I streamed. So I didn't see a point in streaming everything.