Monday, April 6, 2015

Gundam Breaker 2 Gold Frame Backpack's is BROKEN!

I imagine it might get patched or might not. But this backpack is broken. Simply cause it has the energy drain option weapon.

I'm not sure if its Gold Frame or Gold Frame Mina Custom that has the energy drain move. Basically this move drains an enemy's HP down to 1. If you press the weapon again during the move you'll kick the enemy away from you. If you use this on enemies that have Super Armor or Perfect Grade Bosses you'll rip through there HP and Super Armor like paper.

The reason I consider this broken is cause you can use this to gain a near infinite amount of ACE points. If you fight enemies with Super Armor after there armor is gone you can grab them a near infinite number of times to gain easy ACE Points. All you have to do is press the option weapon again and again to keep draining there HP. There Super Armor will restore at some point but you can rip through there super armor again or kill them your choice. If you happen to kill them you can just move on to the next enemy and repeat the process.

If you're fighting a PG Boss. Just position yourself close to the boss and spam the energy drain move. You'll watch them drop like flies.

The downside is you're completely open to attacks while draining an enemy so you'll need either the protection of Awakening or EX moves that can ensure you'll be protected from enemy attacks for awhile.

This is far more broken than say the GN Bazooka. Physalis' Nuke, Wing Zero's Twin Buster Rifle and the like cause you can grind ACE Points.