Sunday, April 19, 2015

KH 2.5 HD Remix (its in HD that's about all that's new) Part 1 BBS and RE:Coded

When it comes to remakes, remastered, whatever. I consider the game is pretty much the same game as before just more widely available. And for the most part that's true. The games don't really make any drastic changes. I never see a real point of buying a remake of a game I played/owned before.

Anyway due to Gamefly I ended up with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix. (it was #7 on my list and numbers 3 - 6 said they were available..go figure.) What's different? Not much. Well you got the game in 1080p.  Both KH2 and KH BBS are the final mix versions. So if you didn't import or Torrent the game like 90% of the Kingdom Hearts fanbase you can play it now.


 Grab your popcorn and soda and other game cause you're not playing.
Well first thing I went to or well semi-watched. Was the RE;Coded bit. Its just a movie you can sit and watch for about a good 3+ hours. I guess the DS Kingdom Hearts games were so boring that they didn't want to remake those games.  I don't know I never got them never had the money and I'm not too fond of Handheld games.

They did a pretty good job noting all the important battles and events of the game. Probably the only main thing that caught my attention was the added scene. Seeing Young Xehanort or is his name Xi? I don't know.  It looks it this was the start of either KH2 or KH Dream Drop Distance.  Probably the later.  We'll probably never see Data Sora ever again. Honestly this felt like Digimon in a nutshell.  The characters are nothing but data. Oh but data has feelings. Etc.  But the whole bit of Namine just made me go why?  What exactly were you trying to fix? I must've missed parts of the plot. I don't really see how this ties into the KH story.  I don't see how Jiminy's Journal could've been rewritten either when he writes everything down in pen.  Sigh....

Birth By Sleep Final Mix - Only the added stuff is fun

Its rather confusing to get used to playing this on a bigger screen. I thought I would speed through the game but I wanted to see if things changed in this game. I can only note the extra bosses.  I haven't gotten to Mysterious Figure yet which apparently is supposed to be easier than the original version. I had a harder time than normal to get through the game cause I wasn't using a guide to meld commands properly.  I did fight Monstro through. That fight was available right off the bat and that fight was hard.

My thoughts about the game are generally the same though. The story is meh. I hate how combat works in this game. Etc.

The Bad is still there:

What I hate about the combat. Even though I'm able to customize my moves to however I like them. There's certain bosses (Besides the secret ones) and certain areas where I just can't use them and pretty much get punished for using them. I can understand things like, I can't use Deep Freeze on a boss or Zantesuken will not instant kill.  That's understandable.  But when you have enemies and bosses literally ignore your favorite attacks and punch you in the face for using them. That's when I get pissed off.  I also hate how Command Styles work.  I wish I could turn them off at times.  Why? One example and this happens to me a lot in late to post game. If I'm being combo'd to death and my command guage fills up to where I have Style Change. I can't select my next command until the change happens.  So if I needed to use Curaga I can't highlight it right away until whoever I'm playing as actually gets a free moment to style change.  To make this worse and you'll notice it a lot in post game. If you style change and the enemy is still somehow beating you to a bloody pulp. Your state just reset back to normal instead of taking damage or being combo'd.  In other words you just signed your death warrant cause more than likely the enemy's attack is still in animation coming straight at you during the short time stop you have. Good luck dodging that.

Another downside to the game. And that's this version of the game not the PSP. Whenever I style change, use a new finisher, or D-Link. The game pretty much takes forever to load that. Take it from me. A guy who doesn't really care for load times and such. This game will take its sweet time to load anything that isn't an enemy.

The Added Content (The Good)

This was generally the only reason I  decided to play this game. For the added content. Even if I'm rather disappointed that Birth By Sleep Volume 2 will never happen. The extra story and added bosses really made things worthwhile.   No Heart, Armor of Eraqus, Red Eye.  Oh man this was fun to fight.

Overall its the same game. Just in HD.....-_- The Final Mix content is nice. But glad I rented this instead.  My added Reward for playing this. Besides useless trophies no one looks at.  Wallpaper for my PS3 that I'll never use.  Time to play the other game that's in Final Mix as well. Stay tuned for KH2 Final Mix.