Thursday, April 30, 2015

My ISP and how Limited I am.

Since my ISP (Comcast/Xfinity) is rather a dick about internet usage I have to be careful as to how much I upload and whether or not I stream or watch. My mom had the option to switch to AT&T UVerse but she refused cause she didn't like being bothered on a work day. (The dude never even talked to her cause mom was at work he talked to me and I told him I'll see what she has to say). We could've saved at least $75 on our monthly bill too (Our bundle package with Comcast/Xfinity is roughly $200 a month. TV, Box with very few premium channels, Phone, Internet 2nd lowest tier). 
-_- guess I just have to deal with it.

The Inaccurate Data Usage Meter Updates when it wants to.

This is how my ISP works. Each month my household is allowed a specific amount of Data usage a month. I am not allowed to go over this amount. If I do then I will be charged an extra 10 bucks for 10 more gigs of data. So think of this as a Smartphone with a data plan. 

You guys might be thinking. 300GB is a lot for a month. But consider this as well: 
  • Uploading videos are rather huge in file size. Especially when it comes to content that's 1080p or a video that's longer than 15 minutes.
  • Livestreaming eats up data pretty fast as well. Especially when it comes to high quality streams.
  • Downloading easily eats a ton of data. Especially when its games or game updates. 
  • Viewing Youtube or Livestreams at high quality (usually higher than 480p) will wreak havoc on your data usage. 
  • While this doesn't eat a lot of data. While the modem is on (which has to be or I can't use the phone) data is still being used. 
  • Steam, LoL, Warcraft, etc always have updates and usually big ones. Since I don't play all too often.

So what does this mean for me? 

Well I have to carefully watch how much data I'm using a month. Limit my uploads and limit my downloads. Including online playtime.  While Xfinity(Comcast) customers receive 3 freebies as to going over there data usage. The ISP I am with is rather known to be a bully and a dick to its customers.


One of the many things that's been happening especially now. Is that horrible Customer Service has been getting worse. To the point that they're calling there customers' various names.

While they have apologized for this happening. The Customer Service still hasn't changed to this day. If you look up the many complaints about its customer service you can see that these aren't the only cases. This isn't bad customer service this is being a bully. Other cases and rumors state that Comcast randomly changes the price of your bill with no warning. Adding bogus fees and charges to the bill. (No proof of that has been shown however).

How does this affect me? 

Well the main problem here is that when it comes to ISP choices. I am very limited as to who me and my family can go with. This is cause of the area I live in. Because of this Comcast is freely allowed to be a bully so-to-speak when it comes to there service. Its a simple (and rather dirty IMO) business tactic. Because customers are limited in there choices Comcast is freely able to in a manner of speaking, do what they please. Cause what is the customer going to do? Oh I'll switch ISP. Well they don't care for one the amount of customers and how much area they own is superior. Well I'll just go without Internet, TV, and Phone.  Well Comcast will likely be laughing at you. While it is possible to live without any of these things. In terms of our daily living most of the services Comcast provides is a necessity.

FYI: In terms of choices for my ISP. Its only Comcast and AT&T. The rest are for mobile phones.