Friday, April 3, 2015

Street Fighter Alpha 3 World Tour Mode

Don't think I can explain in long paragraphs on Youtube anymore so lets keep it here.

World Tour mode of SFA3 is simple but at the same time Tedious and annoying. Basically you only play it to unlock Guile, Evil Ryu, and Shin Akuma.  A couple of other modes as well but that's about it. At least on the PS1 version.

The problem when attempting to unlock said 3 character is that you have to meet some requirements. Which is Reach LVL 32 by the time you fight Bison the 2nd time.


My strategy used to be what I read in a guide that stated just Turtle. And from what its explanation was. Just Crouch and Heavy Kick all day.  Obviously there's flaws in that strategy but there's truth as well. The AI at the start in most stages just falls for Crouching HK all day. Long enough to pull off a perfect win.

Years later I dumped that strategy for just playing aggressively. Most of the time the AI won't block or counter till the late stages. Always making sure to finish with a Super. The scoring system which is basically your Exp points in that mode is kinda finicky though. I could never tell what gives me a better bonus. Since I can't combo for shit I just have to be as aggressive as possible.

This Also means when I unlock power balance mods I give it all to attack. Yeah I know about the negative defense. But since I generally want perfects or quick finishes. I need it.


Generally the only abilities I can think of to be of use through the entire mode is:

  • Guard Crush Plus - Easily Break guards to the point that its just 2 hits to guard break
  • Super Combo Guage Plus - Helps out much later when the missions start getting really specific.
  • Air Guard - Just in case. Still can't block supers in midair as far I know. I can't block Bison's that's for sure.
The rest of the abilities well if you wanna get fancy. 

Ism Strats

Well there's not much most are all the same strat. But making sure you level the right one can be key.

X-ism Well I just lower the opponent down to where I know my super will kill. They usually do about half HP damage anyway. 

A-ism More options for supers. Alpha Counters a thing too. If I remember its there. 

V-Ism the custom combo thing. Works very well in survival matches. But if the opponent blocks chip damage and throw (command throw if you got it). 

Trouble Characters

M.Bison: Ugh....its either bait out Psycho Crusher Super or wail on him. Usually his tip off for Psycho Crusher is he'll do Devil Reverse away from you. The rest of the time he's teleporting and throwing fireballs. 

Ryu: Its just fireballs and DPs all day. He'll DP out as a response to most things. 

T.Hawk: He keeps doing that Condor Spire Hawk Dive whatever thing. From Weak, Medium, to Strong versions.

Akuma/Shin Akuma: He will Raging Demon don't think he won't. Shin Akuma is much worse. He'll do every unsafe move in the book and still recover faster than you can respond.