Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gaming and Important Saving Up Goals Or Wishes

No I haven't seen E3 yet I've been busy. I'm gonna be really busy the next 3 days. I figure I'd plan out what to get in the future. What to save up for.  Its rather difficult since I'm not big on taking donations from people.
  • Glasses and Eye exam (I already know I need to update on glasses. I haven't done so in 8 Years. I've noticed my vision getting worse even with glasses on. While I can still see some things are harder to make out.)
  • A new Computer Desk (The One I have is well it should've been scrapped long ago. Not much is holding it up. I honestly would prefer a L-Shaped corner desk.) 
  • Dresser (The one I have I either fix it or get a new one.)
  • New Nintendo 3DS (need to update cause this one doesn't exactly hold a charge for very long.  The charge port is also screwed up requiring the use of the charging stand and moving the cable in an awkward position.
  • Playstation 4 (Although its only for FF7 Remake and FF15 That's the only reason I want one)
  • 3DS Capture card and other hard mods. (I think that's what attract ppl to 3DS videos anyway. sadly)
  • Newer Video Card (this is so I can play certain games with no problem.  While I can play most racing games. Seems a game like Sonic Generations is a no go. Yet I can pull a dual monitor setup)
  • 2nd Monitor (Right now if I wish it I can use my TV as a 2nd monitor. 
  • Wii U (There's not much reason for me to get a Wii U but I honestly think I should considering I no longer have a next gen console.
  • The rest is games on my wishlist or gamefly Q.