Saturday, July 25, 2015

Patreon? Donations? WTF Why should I? Should I even Bother?

Really look for a 2nd source of income that involves others donating. Is it right? I honestly dread this a lot. Cause I don't feel great taking money from other people just cause I'm playing video games and uploading them to YouTube. I think that the partnership should be enough. But obviously it isn't.  I find more and more people jumping on the bandwagon for making Patreon accounts, Paypal donations, etc.  I can't even tolerate a Twitch stream cause its filled with constant annoying notifications saying that Bob donated X amount of dollars and has this to say.

My problem with it for me is simple. I'm playing videogames. That's all I'm doing in this aspect. What right do I have to open such a thing like Patreon?  I suck at drawing. WTF else could I possibly give for people literally handing me money other than a thank you? If it was something that I'm giving away or say I created the game myself. I'm fine with it. While I find it annoying that artist one after another have pretty much jumped ship to these type of payment methods (cause I pretty much can't get a commission from them ever).  I approve of it. They're giving something back. All I'm doing is uploading videos that people may or may not want to see. And yet they can go to about a million other places for the same content. I made peace with partnership money cause its just ad revenue. I'm not telling people, "give me money so I can upload more videos." Not to mention there's shit like ad blocker.

I wouldn't come to question this if I didn't see so many advice videos all saying the same thing. "You should have a 2nd source of income." "You should have a Patreon account." "You're not doing anything wrong with doing these things. It's not selling out." Watching 100s of people do the very thing that I said no to. Then hearing another 100 people tell me I should do it cause there's nothing wrong with it. Not only am I questioning it legally. But I'm questioning it morally. Is this the right thing to do? Should I even bother? Everywhere I searched for answers pretty much turns up zilch and my most hated answer, "Its up to you."  At least with a yes or no I can get a pros and cons perspective of the whole thing.

I also wouldn't even consider this if for this month I've been sick and not working as hard as normal on my video content as well as not getting much as I used to from the partnership.

If you don't know how Patreon works. Basically unlike Kickstarter or Paypal, etc. A person gives a set amount of money. Possibly each month if they choose to. And the person who owns the account creates content with the help of your support. If you give a specific amount (a pay tier so to speak) you get better deals out of it. Like exclusive access, something free, apparently an option to say so on something.  Works great for artist.