Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sorry I haven't been around: YT Update Aug 9th, 2015

Well I have just not enough to post things on my blog. Today as I'm writing this I feel like crap. Been having headaches every morning when I wake up after a dream. Some people say its stress. I don't know. My sleep clock is out of wack as well. While I can still get up and do important things that have to be done. The rest of the time I'm falling asleep in the middle of the day. This would be fine if I was living further west. Everything here pretty much closes shop the moment it gets dark. So I need to be up during the day. Anyway you guys don't care about that. Let's talk about games and the youtube channel.

What I've Changed on the Channel

Grouped Playlist

I finally found the option to group my playlist into various categories. So I went ahead and did that for the channel itself. Now it should look something like this in terms of listing

  • Popular Uploads - The most watched videos on my channel
  • Fighting Games - Videos and playlist related to fighting games
  • Pokemon - As it says Pokemon playlist go here
  • Adventure/Racing/Other Games - Any playlist not fitting other categories will go here.
  • Skylanders - Videos and playlist related to Skylanders
  • Final Fantasy - Playlist relating to Final fantasy go here.
  • Kingdom Hearts - Kingdom Hearts Playlist go here.
  • Megaman - Megaman/Rockman Playlist go here
  • RPG Games - RPGs go here.
Hopefully this will help draw people to the channel and navigate to various playlist easier.


I'm still setting this up considering the day I typed this out. Its rather difficult to make a Patreon Campaign video. The idea I had was a rather creative one but then I noticed that it likely wouldn't be effective and pretty much scrapped it.

I'm still going to open the Patreon account pretty much as a trial, "What can it hurt?" scenario.  While I do have fan funding on most of my videos its listed in the middle of each video and I doubt people watch for that long or even noticed. Also its Google many people still don't like Google and refuse to have anything to do with it if they think its going to support that company.

Reason I opened a Patreon is so that I can attempt to keep up with the trend of games to some degree. Also I want to hopefully improve the quality of my videos. I know my 3DS videos are bad but its all I have to work with. I also know there's tons of Quality whores out there that demand 4000p (how the hell that's possible I dunno).  So if its like people been telling me that they really want to give me money. Well I guess go ahead.

Strider 2014

Well I enjoyed this to an extent. I forgotten that the very first Strider game was metroid style which is what this game is designed after.What I didn't enjoy is the random tips from the game itself being wrong especially halfway through the game. Game tells me that my latest acquired power-up is the key to defeating the latest enemy. Well I get to a boss and get raped cause of that. Turns out its an upgrade I got way early in the game that works. And pretty much the only one needed through the whole game.

That did rather piss me off to an extent.  Also backtracking as much as I did. I do wish it was easier to move about the area. I honestly have more trouble dealing with the random enemies than I do the bosses. I'm rather dissapointed that not many people play this to get a high score. In fact the highscore board is already hacked with times of 00'00'00. I enjoy getting high scores although lately I haven't enjoyed doing that as much seeing as barely anyone I know actually plays for that.  Well maybe this will be the last Strider unless somehow the Grandmaster lives again.

Sonic Colors

A Sonic game I honestly don't enjoy as much as others. I really find this to be rather on the boring side of things. The scenery is nice and the wisp powers are cool. But I'm not really having that feeling of this Sonic game being difficult. More like deaths happen cause of the game deciding not to work when you want it to.  I know I died a few times cause Double Jump and Homing Attack are on the same button. I also hate that the shoulder buttons do nothing. I was expecting them to strafe during the run sections but instead its using the stick.  I'm also way too used to Rings giving me boost power not Wisp.  I understand the concept of the game but again jumping from the previous Sonic games that pretty much gave speed boost based on things you can easily find and see to hoping that a Wisp is inside a robot or maybe a capsule. Its a bit drastic for a change.

I could care less for the cutscenes and story since its all generally the same as before. I can't believe there's people that use Sonic's story plot as an argument point. Voice acting you know I don't care for. Yes I know the voice actors changed, but I never really complained about this. I would say my favorite stage has to be Terminal Velocity. Generally for the music and the flow of the stage going along with the music. Starlight Carnival being a close 2nd. Probably the worst stage idea is the bit with the bouncing springs that move. Having stages designed around this gives me a migraine. I also though the Roller Coaster was kinda bad as well. Considering that I have to time my jumps to a degree or miss and die. I don't mind the "having godlike reaction thing in Sonic. But the roller coaster was rather over doing it. I also noticed my eyes are bad. Its rather difficult to see my TV screen at times. In terms of Sonic I did have some areas where Sonic just blends in with the stage so well I can't exactly see him. I need new glasses.

I didn't bother with the Red Rings and chaos emeralds. It didn't feel like I was getting a good reward out of it. Yeah I know I know. Super Sonic but 2 things.
1. I don't really care for Super Sonic I think of it as a waste of rings.
2. This also didn't have a Super Sonic episode of Super Sonic vs the true final boss.

The 2nd one in particular really irks me. On the DS version of Colors. I see that it has a Super Sonic part. So why didn't the Wii version get one? Wouldn't it make sense to give the Wii version that instead. Especially considering that it explains the wisps a bit better as well. Anyway I guess you could say I like Sonic games that most of the Sonic Fanbase hates in a lot of cases. (haven't played Boom or Lost World yet.)

Blazblue ChronoPhantasma Extend

Well part of me looks at this as the same game as the previous one. But I know things have changed. I'm trying to devote more time to this game but since its more of the same. I don't really feel like doing everything I can like I did before. I haven't jumped online for this game yet. I hear there's very few people playing online for this game. Which would make me sad.  I'm glad there's extra modes of play.

Pretty much my main focus right now is to do Challenge #15 with all the characters (deal 4000 damage after a guard crush). I only have Valkenhayn and Carl left. They're surprisingly hard to do compared to the others. Also I need a new gamepad. The D-Pad on mine is rather mashed in. Its hard to move to the right now. Instead I get down-forward a lot. Which is really bad cause I can't do certain combos if I have to deal with that.

I do like the change to Tutorial mode where it includes the moves list for all the characters in it instead of just giving you a general strategy. I never knew that's what Rachel's new projectile does. Also get to see certain things that the game doesn't show you in challenge mode and you don't see online often. This is a good change for Tutorial and should stay that way. I'll try to play online at some point but first I need a new pad and 2nd I want to practice a bit more.

Guilty Gear Xrd

I'm rather sad for this game. While I enjoy mission mode where its ACTUAL FUCKING MISSIONS and not "DO THIS COMBO". Every time I jump online I find that the lobbies are total ghost towns. With the exception of the Japan servers. Although that server has less than I expected as well. I'm rather sad. Then if I do get a match I have to deal with bad frame delay which makes certain characters impossible to play. Think this is a rare occasion where I actually blame lag for something.

 Seriously its difficult to keep playing when there's no online scene. I guess the most I can do is arcade mode and try to beat my personal high scores. I hate this game's story mode. The way its arranged is ugh.  I don't mind inserting cutscenes in before fights. But when your actual story mode is nothing but watching characters talk. I'm rather disappointed. I thought it couldn't get any worse than Blazblue's recent story mode but it did. At least you get to fight at some point in that story. This game no there's no fighting. Just sit and watch. They could've just put that on a separate DVD or something instead. This is a total waste of space.

The gameplay while its nice to see that there's more focus on Roman Cancels. What bugs me is that a lot of characters are very gimmicky if that's the word I want to use. Not to say that previous versions weren't without its gimmicks. But I really feel this game is more about using gimmicks rather than combat knowledge. Another thing that bugs me is how much damage is done in such a short amount of time. Its like all the characters have far less health and it might actually be possible to pull a combo that's 100%. I really hate the Hellfire state. This is Guilty Gear's comeback mechanic?! Part of me wants to say this is almost as bad as X-Factor Level 3 but its not near that level. Yeah you still gotta put in the effort to deal damage from that state. But considering how much I've played the older ones. This is pretty bad for a mechanic. At least its not Guilty Gear for PSX.  On that the moment you reached half life. You got infinite supers.

I think fighting games are slowly being forced into a mold that pretty much says you have to make your fighting game "like this" then, hand the developers a template and a set of guidelines to follow for them to use. Kinda fizzing out players like myself I say. I'll talk more on that a different day.

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time

I should've finished this a long time ago. Seriously been awhile since I could enjoy myself. I actually went out my way and bought the Ratchet & Clank collection. Now I just need to grab the other games and then I can have a marathon of those games. Its not the "furry" aspect that catches my attention. Its the comedy and story for this game. As well as all the guns and different play styles I can use. There's not too many games like that these days.

Anyway way glad I finished it. There isn't much to talk about with this game.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

Since I've started this game I have a love hate relationship with it. I love the nostalgia factor. But I hate virtually everything else about it. I know its a free to play game. But this game really makes it so you hand it money. For one you virtually have no chance at getting the elusive 5-Star rank items. Yet that's what's advertised every time. Then the game's difficulty scaling goes through the roof. Your characters only cap there levels at 50 - 65.  Because of this, the game's enemies in terms of damage pretty much out damage your party.  If you're just going to use your favorite characters prepare for even more frustration. The character I like can't even break there level cap of 50 which already limits them heavily. Then at the same time the equipment I need to make them good isn't around. I hate that the choices on how to play this game are watered down to:
  • Getting lucky
  • Having money
  • Forced to use things you don't want to use. 
Anyone that tells you that there's skill involve will be 90% wrong. There's no helping you if all your getting in equipment is general crap items and none of the apparently great godlike items. I've viewed many players inventory. What I find is that all the items they possess makes my stuff look like fools gold. I have no wear near the amount of rare items that they do. Same with characters. I generally ignore people that post there item and party setups saying that they beat whatever using xxx setup. Simply cause you can't copy it one bit. This very game tries to force onto you the "Only one way to play" play style. At least when you view the shit forums. 

The forums made specifically for this game are total shit as well. I'm gonna tell you right now. If you're going to play this game don't go to the official forums ( The information there is flawed and incorrect at times. The people that post there are total assholes. Its a waste of time to look up information there. The only thing its useful for is looking up character and weapon information.

The best place to look up accurate information on the dungeons and bosses is here.
The information there is far more extensive. It actually list strategies there. And best of all the community there isn't a bunch of angry assholes. I haven't viewed the Reddit but I hear its even more informative and the community is far more friendly. But that's what I've heard.

Anyway. Love the nostalgia. Hate most of the other crap.

Final Fantasy X HD

Well finally nearing the point that I'm just going to finish the game. I'm rather tired of leveling my characters and trying to earn all the weapons. I still can't dodge 200 lightning bolts. Maxing out characters takes forever. And when I looked up the Penance battle. The secret battle that I'm getting ready for. It takes way too much preparation and the battle itself takes way too long. Who's gonna sit around for 30 - 45 minutes repeating the same actions over and over again?

I hate boss fights like this secret or not. Especially considering the fact that if you screw up at the very middle or the end of your run you gotta do it all over from the start again cause the boss basically is gonna kill you for your one simple mistake. I thought it was bad in FF12 with there secret boss fights but at least you can set it to a psuedo-auto mode and just leave to do something else. I'm a hater of long boss fights. You could make the boss fights just as hard and no where near as long. More on this another time.

Anyway I feel like just recording the final boss and moving on FFX-2 HD. Things are at least more fun for me there than they are in FFX's grind fest. I can already hear people whining about that. "Oh Brad you don't need to play RPGs cause all you do is grind in them."  "Grinding is an aspect of RPGs you have to deal with it." Yeah well there's good grinding and then there's bad grinding. Just the same as there's good designed boss fights and there's badly designed boss fights.

Final Fantasy 6

Well there isn't much to talk about here. I finished it. It's done. Nothing to note. I might do the GBA version but I'm not big on remakes or remastered games. All the GBA version has is extra boss fights and extra equipment. Nothing really new.

Under Night In-Birth EXE.Late

Just like Guilty Gear Xrd the online for this game is a ghost town.  I already talked a bit about how disappointing that is for a fighting game. But I'm really depressed for this game cause I really like this game. Simple control scheme while having deep combat something that fighting games don't really do anymore. Aside from the fact that Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Killer Instinct pretty much owns the majority of the audience. Its still sad to have very few to none in terms of people playing this game.  Also there's a new version coming out at some point. I can't wait to see that if it makes it to another console.

Lego Jurassic World

I enjoyed this game. Helped me view the Jurassic Park movies I missed. And when it comes to Legos. Lego comedy + movies makes for a real good time. I enjoyed playing through this game but I think according to the views no one else cares for this game. Kinda hard to play games for Youtube I like since I already see that the viewers only care for certain things. Oh well...I enjoyed it.

Kingdom Hearts 2 FM HD Remaster

Already finished a long time ago and have to mention this again cause no one really pays attention to it. I apologize for the sound quality. I explained before I ran those videos through a program called Handbrake. I didn't know that setting the audio bit rate that low would mess up the sound quality since the guide I was following on how to use it said I didn't have to worry about it. I found out later that guide is outdated and the new one shows the best settings.  I would upload the content raw but that's 500+ GBs of data to upload (KH2 + Birth By Sleep).  That's not worth paying my ISP for since the profit won't show to make up for it.

Also I have to address the comments I got for my Lingering Will video. I'm sticking by what I said back then that I will have to grind it out to do more damage to him. I say this cause when I compared my video to someone else's the same number of 8-Hits at the very start of the battle that person's video did far more damage than I did in comparison. So I need to grind my characters. But again I hate long boss fights and this guy is borderline on that.

Well that's all there is to talk about for now. Sorry for being away and not updating for so long. Keep a look out for my Patreon video post. Keep a lookout for other games being uploaded. Anyway see you later.