Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Champions Online - Well Why Not

Yeah its still a work in progress. 

Well I was interested in this game for quite awhile. Just never got around to trying it. So why not.

It took forever to install and update. I think I waited at least 45 minutes before I could finally play the game.

So starting the game...whoops it crashed.  -_-  Well I bet one reason is that PlayClaw 5 didn't agree with the game until I white listed it.

Okay Start the game.  Lots of loading. Well registration was easy. I thought I was gonna have to do one of those please confirm by clicking the link in this e-mail thing. But not it went really fast.

Ok now on to character creation.  Oh god this is probably my worst area in games cause I always spend forever when it comes to making a character.  I can spend 3 hours just trying to pick a name sometimes.

Now onto the reason why I even had some slight interest in this game in the first place. I looked this up on Steam and saw that some of the screenshots well the bulk of them had this badass shark looking dude as a character. I said wow that's pretty cool. Most games don't even have choices like that for character creation. You might get a Wolf, a dog, some alien that looks well meh, and the rest being humans. But A shark?! I don't think I've ever seen a game where a Shark possible in character creation. Heck DC Online or whatever its called doesn't even go that far. Everything there looks well human. Even if you can have a cat head. Its more like Catwoman.

As a side point. This is actually what turned me off from playing Final Fantasy XIV. I was looking up all the available races in the game and said wow these guys look really cool. I would love to be one of those. But then as I explored the Wiki even deeper I found out that all the races I want to be, are NPC's or enemies only. I honestly wanna say that's racist. But I bet some Final Fantasy XIV expert would appear out of no where and list endless reasons as to why they're NPCs and the rest are superior.  This isn't to say that I only like beast type classes in MMO's or whatever. I mean I'll gladly play as human character. I did in Diablo III. In Phantasy Star Online I was a CASTS which is a robot dude. Dungeon Fighter Online I played as the gunner dude. This isn't about, "oh well he's a furry and he wants to play a furry character." No! I just want my character to look badass.and not some wimpy kid that can beat up guys 20 times his size. I think its rather dumb that they make races like these in games but then you find that you can't even play as them usually for dumb reasons like, "Oh well they're evil and don't like the rest of the races so they're enemies." It really makes no sense to me and I wish these races were playable. That way we can have variety.

Character Creation

Wow another Tirade. Moving on.  Like I was saying this character creation wow'd me. I wasn't expecting something like GMoD or Second Life. But I didn't think they would go this far.  It took me a bit to figure out how the character creation worked. But then I discovered how to find the rest of the parts.  One thing I will point out is that I found it weird that parts that are apparently exclusive I couldn't pick yet it kept saying that I already own the associated pack with it. So I guess that's an oversight or something.

Moving on the character mascot and well my furry self is a mole so lets put him into the game.  Unfortunately there isn't a mole head design available. So I had to pick the next closest thing in terms of head shape. Which was a rat. Well the way I draw my character is more like a rat anyway so its acceptable. What sucked was I couldn't really change the eye color. I couldn't give him glasses. But I did give him a cool looking trenchcoat and have spikes growing out of his arms. It does bother me that I couldn't could the entire head blue and I could easily notice the neckline there's a big hint of him being human and just wearing a mask. Well I can't have that. He's supposed to be a mole. Not a human dressed like one. Lets cover this up with a bandanna. I wish I could've had a long scarf but hey I'm already happy with the choices there is.  I can even add the tail. Yes moles have tails I've checked!

Hmmm...class...Well there's quite a few. Honestly I thought of a lot of powers that would be cool to have. Like one being I have a backpack that can store many items despite its size and that I specialize in using bombs that I kick at my enemies. Another where I pretty much copy Chaos from Under Night In-Birth by having a grimoire and using a creature of magic to attack my enemies but not being a pushover myself.  Or just having blades like Gray from Atelier Iris 2 being a close range combat specialist.

I had a bunch in mind. But reading through all of the available ones I remembered that this game has PvP and Co-Op quest. So I better pick super power I can use and not get my but kicked. Not to mention that these powers were pretty much generic. So I went with being an Archery expert. There's very few heroes....characters I know that actually go out there with a bow and have good fighting skills. Most are either super rich or geniuses like Batman and IronMan. Or they're so powerful that it doesn't make any sense like Superman.  Then you have the guys that are inbetween. And last you have guys that are badass but get little recognition unless they manage to make it in a big time game. Even then you rarely see them in the spotlight.

 Ok give a bit of a beast pose. Well not like that cause then I just look like a generic RPG enemy. Alright now lets get started.


Well the music is hit and miss for me. I mean its pretty epic to hear but I'm reminded of the time I played Starcraft. The entire soundtrack just loops. So there really isn't a song to fit a situation.  The voices are cool too.  I don't think my character has a voice which well should stay that way cause the way I want my character to sound will be rather nitpicky.

On thing did stick out and bug me. Eventually the music just got silent. At least up till the point I died. But it did it more than once. What's up with that? I may have to make my own playlist and have it play in the background.

Gameplay control scheme sorta weird oh wait I can use a controller? Sweet. I don't even really have to set the buttons. Its kinda hard to read the buttons though but I do need a better monitor. Ok this training simulation stage is rather long. But things do make sense.  Talk to a random guy complete his/her request kill enemies along the way. Pretty simple. This feels a lot like League of Legends but without the horrible community. Well I will say that playing this with a pad I do find it annoying that there's still some things I have to click. And since there's too many moves and its obvious that the controller is not gonna fit every single move to a button. But I do appreciate the auto-targeting. The thing I'm not really fond of is that there isn't much of a point to me running away or attempting to dodge. Regardless of how much I strafe or run away I'm still a magnet to attacks. Luckily this game is reasonable in terms of damage. Now if only I could master the art of chatting and using a pad.

Well almost done with the quest but wait there's one quest I didn't finish let me finish that first...nope...My recorder decided to cut out on me which made the entire game crash. Why did that happen? Well Play Claw 5 may record in good quality but it eats up a ton of hard disk space. The higher quality the game the shorter time I get to record.  Damn I wanted to show some gameplay too but maybe next time. Hopefully I'll figure out how to make my character look better too. I'm actually liking this game. I was debating between this or world of warcraft but I don't wanna pay a subscription for a game I won't play all the time the limited free option I feel its gonna cut the free play when I get to the point where the game is actually good.