Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mighty Gunvolt - A Time-Wasting 8-Bit Side Game

Before I get into this. I don't know what's going with Inafune and why everyone's so pissed and pratically boycotting the guy and his games. I heard its something to do with his many projects and wanting money for it. But honestly I don't care. I just want to play the games. What happens behind the scenes isn't any of my business. I like games or really I like to play the games. How its made that's there decision. If my opinions actually affect the outcome of a game, well that's not my problem. Ultimately its the creators decision as to what they want to do with the game. Not mine.

Anyway for those that are left. Mighty Gunvolt. A side game that came with Azure Striker Gunvolt. Its basically Gunvolt in 8-Bit style. The story is pretty much Azure Striker Gunvolt except the ending is different. And apparently this never happened. Basically if you played Classic Megaman you should feel right at home with this.


You run through 9 stages (4 DLC) designed after either the stages of Azure Striker Gunvolt or Gal Gun. I think there's one that's designed after Mighty No.9 But I never played the game so no comment. The stages are short and simple and generally too easy. The enemies are more annoying than hard to deal with. Its the bosses that piss me off though. Some are pathetic others are insanely annoying to deal with:

  • Elise: They're busy throwing kunai at you that turn into snakes when they hit the ground. Its kind of easy to dodge but doing that while trying to shoot them is a pain. To make it worse they'll do some sort of team attack (1 of 3) that's pretty hard to dodge. 

  • I don't know this Red Dude's name. But he's obviously from Mighty No.9. I hate this guy. He has no pattern. He just charges at you at high speeds. Predicting him is bad cause one bad prediction means you're gonna get hit and he's gonna stay in your face. And unlike old 8-Bit games and most other platformers your invincibility frames after you take damage don't last long. 

  • Another Mighty No.9 Boss This dude's on fire. But he loves to troll you with his moves. He'll either dash across the screen or dash then jump up and do a ground pound or just run close to you then stop and make a spread wave attack. I can't tell at all if he'll choose to do the ground pound or run at me. To make matters worse my both sides of the arena are on fire. So you have less space to move. 

  • I don't know what this thing is called but its obviously from Gal Gun. This guy pretty much decides whether or not you can damage him. He'll either put his tentacles out or make 2 minions travel up the walls to annoy some girl and make her scream HELP! and the letters hurt you. Aside from that another reason I hate this guy is cause sometimes the tentacles just barely in reach of my attacks. Cause you gotta shoot the tips of them. Then It gets worse cause his weakspot is only exposed for a few seconds. 


Anyway you use whatever of the 3 characters you picked to run through the levels. Each have an advantage and disadvantage. Luckily all the stages are made so that each character can make it through without too much effort.

  • Gunvolt: He can double jump and if you hold down the shoot button you shoot out this line of electricity that does a lot of damage. It takes quite a bit to come out but it hurts like hell. Honestly I say he's the most broken of the 3. 

  • Beck: He can slide. And his charge shot is a dash. Think Megaman X4 X with his giga attack except that it sucks. His charge shot is pretty much worthless. If it doesn't kill an enemy Beck will bounce off them and usually he'll end up getting shot cause of it. His slide is sorta useful but honestly he's the worst of the 3 characters. And this is supposed to help promote Mighty  No. 9. Its not really a good job in doing so.

  • Ekoro: Her jump is a hover. Like Princess Peach's hover jump. And her charge shot when she defeats an enemy (most of them) after they hit with the charge shot. The enemy "befriends her" Basically it acts like one of those SHUMP helper ships and constantly fires. But it can also take damage and die. If you use the charge shot again. You can send the enemy you befriended at another enemy. Really Befriend them? More like Entice them to do your bidding. Seriously how many female characters/bosses had this sort of ability. I bet she flashed the enemy and they were charmed by her looks.  Its a common Game trope just rarely available for the player.
I honestly enjoy playing this as Gunvolt since one he's rather broken and 2 I don't have to stress too much about fighting bosses. The other 2 I more or less don't care for.  The score system for awhile I didn't even notice it. Its in the corner of the screen. Basically the more items you collect the higher your score multiplier is. However if you take too long and you're not killing enemies or picking up items then the multiplier drops back to x1.00 And if you take way too long or you're just constantly dying. The multiplier drops to 0.  Kind of a dick move there. 

Well the game isn't exactly worth me replaying it to get a high score in. I enjoy it but I this is something I don't wanna try to make a high score in.


Well the Music is just an 8-Bit Version of various Gunvolt and GalGun stages. Very well done too. Sound effects are nice. The music and sound effects do nothing to annoy me in this game. And that's a plus.


Its 8-Bit what more can I say? The stages are rather short but they do look good. I generally dislike one of the stages cause of the switches I have to hit. There's some that are in positions that I have to take damage from in order to activate them. Other than that I'm fine with it.

Well there is one thing I have to bring up. When they made this game 8-Bit they truly went all the way. Remember back in the old days games would make spelling errors?  Well this game makes spelling and grammar errors on purpose. I'm told by others that its supposed to bring nostalgia to players. But really I find it annoying. I thought reading the bible was annoying cause the way its written there grammer was obviously completely different from today's but watching a modern game (Despite it being 8-Bit) make these mistakes is just annoying. And I honestly don't care too much about this kind of thing cause I see mistakes all the time when I'm chatting with people or reading comments. My mind just auto-corrects it as I read. Only when the mistakes are just so bad that even I can't understand it is when I'll say something.  I guess they were trying to be cute with this. But I caught your mistakes. And I'm pretty sure one of my friends will say something about it cause his name is Ben and they meant to say Been. 


Look these 2 paragraphs over and see the mistakes.


Well this game is what it is. A time-waster. If you got 30 minutes to an hour to waste then play this game. If you like Megaman then play this game.  Just don't expect too much from it cause this was free if you bought Azure Striker Gunvolt before a specific date. And its cheap to buy online too. Also its pretty damn short.  I wouldn't be surprised if this made it as a mobile game in the future.