Saturday, October 10, 2015

Outrun 2019 - Here's Actual Nostalgia

Well what could I say about this game? Outrun 2019 is an arcade racing game that's obviously a spin-off/sequel of the famous Outrun. The goal is to race around the world in your awesome car and reach the goal in the time limit. Just like many other Arcade racing games of its time. I came across this game as a kid by via rental. Back when video rental stores were actually worth something. I didn't really play too many games back then either. No where near as much as I play now. But I guess when you live at the corner of a street and the nearest house is behind a bunch of trees where you can't even see the house. You generally have no one to play with.  So Video Rental stores were a godsend.

Now what makes this game awesome compared to the others? I mean pretty much every Arcade Racing game was literally the same as in a sense. Drive from point A to point B before time runs out. Every other car is a brick wall. If you hit something your car will go flying and land on its back. So what set this apart from the others.  I'll tell you. Better yet I'll show you

Give me a few seconds.

Ok a little more.

You're car is a Legit Batmobile knock-off. Not only that but a Batmobile knock-off that runs at a max speed of 682mph! (341 km/h (211.89 mph) on the Japanese version, 682 km/h (423.77 mph) on the European version -_- lame) Ok in terms of physics that's pretty much impossible or well not impossible but if I was driving this car in real life then I should be dead. Not only that but whatever my destination is I should've been there in minutes. Or really this car should be lifted off the ground. Yeah I can easily go "Back to the Future" and beyond with this car (bad joke). But remember this is a videogame. Well on the bright side no cop car would ever be able to catch me until I actually stop. 

Well like pretty much every arcade racing game in existence there's always other cars on the road that hate how awesome your car is. And the major difference between your car and there's is obvious...unless you never played an arcade racer or a simulation racing game. There car is a ****ing moving brick wall with perfect handling and speed. While yours is an insanely fast moving empty soda can. 

This has kinda been the standard for most racing games that aren't Kart Racers or certain other racing games (like Burnout). Even to this day this very thing exist. Although its mellowed out...SLIGHTLY. I always see this in Simulation racing games for no reason. Take Gran Turismo for instance. Its a simulation racing game yet my opponents are perfect drivers and there car is made of some otherworldly material cause they won't move on contact. But if they hit me or I hit them. I'm thrown way off course. There's very few instances where I'll actually be able to move the car slightly off course.  But they're still perfect drivers. I've had times where I pushed one off the track cause I didn't hit the brakes in time. I'm thrown off course and off the track. While the AI gets pushed off the track but easily gets back on the road like nothing happened. Why is this still a thing? And it hasn't really gotten any better. Oh simulation racers give simulated damages to your car but not to the AI. I'm getting off point we're talking about Arcade racers here not the other kinds. I'll tackle those someday later. So you're safe for now Sega GT!!!

Regardless of hitting these guys at max speed. They'll shrug it off like a bug hit there windshield while you'll go flying.
One of the cool things about this game is that sometimes if you happen to be driving at max speed and hit something sometimes instead of flying or spinning out you'll regain control of your car and only lose some speed. How generous. Another cool feature is there's actual shortcuts. If you're fast enough and skilled enough (doesn't take too much skill) you can skip most of the race by taking these shortcuts. 

The hazards on this game like any other are annoying and frustrating to deal with. This game has high bridges where if you fall off you hear your car make this loud noise then crash. Bottomless pits, yeah bottomless pits. Make sense of that. But the worst hazard I have to say is in the last 2 stages. There's one area where you're literally stuck on a one lane road and there's signs covering the other 2. You have to drive perfectly or pretty much quit the game cause its easy to hit those signs. Did I mention your car is a high speed tin-can? Yeah well considering car physics the one that always stuck in every game is the faster you go the further you skid in a turn. There's a lot of turns where if you don't hit the brakes at least once you're flying ending of story. It hasn't been this bad for me since Pole Position although that game is far more unforgiving than this one. 


I have to talk about the music. Oh my god I love this soundtrack. Even today this soundtrack is great. I wonder if anyone actually took these songs and remastered them to sound like today's instruments? Since these are in MIDI format cause that's how most cartridge games got the music in. I could listen to this all day despite there being so few tracks. Even the game over theme is great. But at the same time I could say that most Sega Genesis games had great soundtracks and honestly they should be remastered and brought back to today's time. Most music of today is either forgettable or has tons of vocals behind it. I don't mind vocals but I like non-vocal music better.

After looking up on Wiki I found out this game was ported to a Plug N' Play system called Play TV Legends Outrun 2019.  You know those old games that posed as game consoles but weren't actually consoles. They generally played only 1 or 2 games and sold for about 20 - 30 bucks. Yeah those. But it is notable that this one used a steering wheel as a controller as opposed to a basic Genesis controller.

So we're at the end of this well...nostalgia playthrough. There's not much else to say. I still love this game. I doubt we'll ever see cars like this in 4 years but hey no one ever really thought about the year 20XX would turn out.  It might still happen. If it does. I want a car like this one. It would probably be on sale then in about 2 weeks to a month ever car of this model would go on recall cause of some broken safety feature or the fact that it goes way too fast. It would be awesome to have a car like this.  Hell I'd be happy to have a model car like this. Anyway this game deserves to be played a lot more. It deserves to be on a shop channel. I miss racing games like these. 

I want a car like this. Or at least a model car of this.