Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nov. 1st Youtube Update: 2 Months to Go and Not Looking Good (rant)

Yeah. I don't really want to make a video on it either. I honestly have no idea how to go about my youtube channel anymore. Considering that my earnings from when I started out have now dropped to less than 50% of what I was making. I don't wanna bend over backwards, sell and arm and a leg, or sell my soul to the devil to improve my youtube channel either.  I can identify some issues but at the same time I have no solutions.

I don't do commentary

Like I've said before. I hate commentary. I don't feel comfortable doing it. And I only do commentary when I'm with someone I know or its incidental.  Also when I see the complaint of no commentary, I easily reference back to when I was doing commentary on a trial basis. The trial basis failed miserably needless to say. Therefore I see no need to do commentary.

Further on this point. When I'm on youtube I don't really want to watch gameplay videos where some dude is talking over them drowning out the game itself. There's very few people I can tolerate and even those people I only watch certain playthroughs they do. If I can't stand commentary then why should I give commentary? It makes no sense.

I don't want to drown out the music. Even if Youtube and other companies get pissed that they're music is in game I'm playing and they want more money for it. Music is one of the main reasons I enjoy most of my games. Voice Acting I don't care about. As long as you can read a script correctly I'm fine with it. Hell you don't even have to have voice acting. Go back to the old days with no voices. I'll put them in myself.

I Rarely if at All Stream

I've grown to hate livestreams. Instead of watching gameplay I'm listening to 1 or more people talk about random crap. Even more it feels like the streamer is bending over backwards to appeal to the viewers.  It doesn't help that I read someone's interview about Streaming and that guy stated that he had to increase the amount of time he streams to 12+ hours a day. I can't stream for 12 hours a day. There's no way I can keep the life I have despite how much it sucks and do this too. That's literally the job I left. I'm already borderline suicidal to begin with I can't just add more stress to my life.


I know it sounds like an excuse. But here's some other points about me and livestreaming. When I stream I barely get anything done. This is cause I'm too busy managing my TwitchTV channel, The Livestreaming program, the viewers, and then the game all at once. The progress I make when I'm not streaming, not being bothered by others online is roughly 10 times greater than when I stream. On a good day I say 20 times.

The main concept that those that encourage livestreaming now keep saying. "If you livestream you're able to interact with your viewers a lot more and easier."  I can't wrap my head around this for many reasons. Some reasons that stand out. It seems the streamer doesn't care for his/her viewers. I say this cause watching livestreams especially now first priority is given to those that subscribe or really I should say Give that person money. I've already talked about a few aspects on that. The 2nd is there's a great percentage of people that just get absolutely ignored. Either cause they didn't pay or cause there's well over 50 - 1,000 people all chatting at once. Its impossible in this type of setting to notice everyone.  I also find that 70% of the time. The chats aren't really talking about the game being streamed or what's even on the stream to begin with. Its either "Notice Me Sempai" (where a user is begging to be noticed by someone so great.) Or its some controversial debate going on about a random subject. This bothers me a lot. In my case I feel like my audience attention is not towards the game, like they're bored and waiting on something to happen.

Video Quality

I really hate this one. I hate this one a lot. Personally I only care about the video as long as I can make out what's going on. The quality could be 144p or whatever. As long as I can make it out I'm fine. But others demand that all videos are in HD. Some even to the extremes of 1440p - 4000p with 60fps (Frames Per Second).  I feel people are spoiled by this. I can barely get an HD Video going without having to wait on buffering in the middle of it. Its not a matter of what internet or PC I have either. I just don't want to wait on a damn video to load.   I honestly don't care about quality. When it comes to quality especially from a game. My own imagination and pretty much every art website in existence can make that picture look far better.

I'm also bothered by people that stress FPS (Frames Per Second).  Honestly it sounds arrogant when they talk about it. I can't see the difference between frames per second. If you're to push me I would say I can only see the difference in fps on a an old 2D Sonic Game and that's only if he's doing a spin dash or jumping.  I think it frustrates me the most when I hear people say things like, "I can see Frames." "This game isn't 60fps its 59." "This is 48fps."  Ugh...every time I hear someone say that I think that person should be pretty much godlike especially in videogames. Cause that sounds to me like they're saying, "I can see your moves like they're in slow-motion."

I only provide the highest quality I can give possible without destroying the video any further. I don't want to force the game I recorded to suddenly go from 360p to suddenly 1080p.  It doesn't look any better in fact it looks worse. That's like taking an icon that's only 100 x 100 pixels and blowing it up to fit 1444 x 1080 picture.  Sure it might look ok sometimes cause the program is doing everything it can to fix it by guessing where extra pixels should go.  But in the end it looks like crap.  Try scanning an image you drew at the lowest DPI setting then blow it up to fit the size of your monitor. Anyway, my TV says the quality of whatever game I'm playing. If it says 480 then the video its staying 480.

I'm Not Playing the Latest and Greatest (Most Anticipated Game)

This is next to impossible to do. For one most people are interested in games I don't like. There's a lot of games especially for current gen that I just don't like and want nothing to do with. Others in this generation is a hit or miss in terms of whether or not I truly enjoy it. Not only that but buying the console or game itself is hard. The last console I got on the same year it came out was the Wii...and for 2 - 3 years the only game I had for it was Wii Sports. Every other console I got much later in its lifespan. That's cause they're way too expensive. But more importantly there's hardly any games I want for each console. Xbox One there's only 1 game I want and it cost only 10 bucks maybe cheaper. PS4 there's only 2 and they're not out yet. Wii U, there's games I want but at the same time I don't want them. That's cause in my mind I'll own them play them once and that's it I'm bored with the game along with the fact that these games are heavily reliant on online play. Which I don't really like.

Another reason and I keep stating only to be shut up and scolded about. I don't play M Rated games.  There isn't many games I like in that category anyway.  But I made a promise to a dear friend and I intend to keep it. I can count on both my hands the number of M Rated Games I've played. Only 2 of them I actually liked. The rest are totally forgettable. So I never really liked M Rated games to begin with. You might argue crap like how I'm a hypocrite, I'm an idiot, I don't deserve to play games, I'm some supporter of whatever stupid group. But I honestly don't care.  I've seen blood and gore in real life at my old job. I don't want to be reminded of that when I'm playing a game. I could try and reason that not all M rated games are bad. But then I would be going back on my word and not only that I would end up digging into games that are much worse. I need to get off this subject.

Anyway there's some games I just want nothing to do with and well cause I'm not playing it no one's interested.

Well that's about all the reasons I can think of. I need to move on from this.

Well there isn't really any game coming out that I'm looking forward to. Most of them I'm going through Gamefly to get. Others I'm still trying to get my hands on. Really if anything I would ask from the viewers is to just post a comment and not be rude about it or complaining some crap reasoning like I upload too many videos. They're all in a playlist. You can hit the pause the button. You can come back to it later. I mean unless you're about to die. I don't see a reason to complain. You can save playlists as your own. I'm honestly considering just releasing all my videos at once and putting them up as soon as I get them recorded. But we'll see. Anyway the ultimatum I set for myself is still there. I've already started preparing for the worst cause I know there's no such thing as an absolute. Anyway see you guys later.