Monday, December 7, 2015

What's Going On Right Now

Man it almost seems like every holiday time I'm doing horrible. Sorry about that.


I'm not exactly 100% focused on my YT channel. I managed to cut out a lot of distractions and cutoff a lot of people that I felt were holding me back especially on Skype. I'm just tired in all ways, of dealing with them along with the stress of my own life.

I finally got over this pain in my mouth. I couldn't talk for the longest time cause of it.  Still not exactly in the mood to talk. Apparently it was caused by added stress and biting of my gums while I sleep.

My mom is preparing to undergo surgery in about. 2 1/2 weeks from when I write this. Its literally right before Christmas. Not that I celebrate the holiday myself, but mom and sis do.  So I can imagine it might be rather trying for them. Mom's work schedule changed to make things more stressful for her. She lost a full off day to having a 1/2 day in the middle of her work week.

My uncle is really not doing well. Since being put on Dialysis, he's struggling. He looks like a creepy dying man from one of today's horror games. I've been told he's looked this bad before but this time its much worse. Its really thanks to all his drinking that he's like this. I'm not exactly feeling angry or sad for the situation. I am sad but its something I want to look away from for now. I'm more worried for his wife and kids since the kids don't know anything that's going on. And the mom switches between ignoring everything that's happening to panicking about the situation. Mostly the former.

All I can do is keep myself occupied with other things. I feel like things are changing for the worst right now. As if I don't keep watch then it'll sneak up on me and I won't be ready for it. Although I should keep myself worrying for today its rather difficult.


I'm trying to record more content for you guys to watch. I doubt I'm gonna be happy after I start uploading Tales of Zestiria. I don't know how others got away with it but I always tend to be hit with copyright when it comes to almost any game from Namco-Bandai. Anyway I'm gonna try and upload the game with Japanese voices. I already listened to this in English from other ppl's playthroughs. So might as well go Japanese.

There's gonna be a bit of Kung Fu Panda. Showdown of Legendary Legends. But I doubt much from the sound of things. A lot of people hate the game already and its only been out a couple of days. I figured what the heck. Considering I don't have a Wii U/Xbone/PS4 and I'm not really interested in Star Wars.

I'm also recording Star Ocean: Till the End of Time AKA Star Ocean 3.  Kinda personal thing I wanted to do.

I'm still looking for music suggestions for many other games to edit in. Might make my life in editing easier or harder don't know.  But I felt it was a chance to allow viewers to participate. Right now I'm looking for racing game type music. I want to avoid Nintendo branded stuff as much as possible considering they're jerks about the stuff they own. But yeah I'm searching.

The playthroughs I wanna get done before the end of the year. I'm not sure if I'll get through them all. Often times its me being too tired or just not wanting to do anything but sit around.  And on my list I have 8/10 different games to finish. Most are right at the end. Just a matter of willpower I suppose.

Well that's it for what to talk about. I'll see you guys later I suppose.