Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Youtube Copyright - Its Not Just Youtube The Companies are Just as Stupid

It spreads further to the companies bad management. So after receiving multiple copyright claims I decided to try and take action with them. I found it's best to contact the companies directly instead of just being an idiot and disputing EVERY LAST claim you get. After all you might end up having to deal with a company in court and they likely have more money than you. They also have the right to throw up copyright on pretty much everything.

So yeah here's a summary of companies I've contacted and the results so far.

Nintendo: Yeah forget about it. They're not retracting anything. Especially since they were among the first companies to come out and say that they're not taking claims down and instead if you work with them they'll give you a very small cut of the profits you make in AD Revenue off there videos. But that's only if you submit to there terms.

INGrooves: Pretty much in the same boat as Nintendo. Even if they're a 3rd party company they apparently own the rights to whatever song they have. And pretty much don't care. Trying to find contact information was impossible too.

Namco-Bandai/Bandai:  LOL these guys will give you the run around. So I first went to there official page and posted my question. They came back to me in about a day saying that there department can't help me and I should call there legal department. But likely I won't have any of my questions answered unless its a true legal claim (like you want to sue them or something.) and they'll just send you to there twitter or facebook page.

Well that's what happened. I sent a tweet to these guys first...No answer. Now you can't just say that my tweet wasn't seen cause there's a nice notification tab to let you know you were sent a tweet.  So I went to there facebook page. It says that if I message them they'll get back to me in a day. 2 Days later I get an answer and not a good one. They sent me to the youtube help page. Yeah....-_- Good management guys.

Square Enix: Good luck getting in contact with them. Like Namco-Bandai you have to send an email through there site. I recieved an automatic notification that my mail was received and that they'll get back to me in 48 hours. Well its been 60 hours and counting. Maybe they mean from the day I received the automatic email so that's slightly less than 2 days right now. 

Capcom: These guys I expected to respond favorably. Since back in 2013 they came on twitter, facebook, and other forums saying if there's any problems with copyright let them know. Like the last 2 companies. I had to use there site to send them a message. And its been 4 days. Even hit up there twitter. Good job Capcom. You really know how to handle your business.

Merlin/IDOL/Phonofile: These guys are all under the same name. Now I actually got in contact with these guys and got a favorable response. Practically the same day I sent it out. They apologized and immediately retracted all claims made and white listed my channel.  So there's some companies out there that actually help out.
IDOL's email:

Companies still trying to find contact info from.

TEOSTO CS - These guys have a page that says there shouldn't be any claims made by them and that its a mistake. But no email and no help to say "hey we'll retract the claim."