Tuesday, December 8, 2015

YT Copyright Bull$%&@!!! How it should be Handled

I made this video as a semi-joke video in response to how ridiculous copyright claims/strikes are. Virtually everything can be claimed as copyright now. Besides the fact that there's fake companies claiming copyright on videos. Legit companies are literally looking for anything and everything to claim as there own.

You can dispute this all you want but it won't work. The whole "commentary protects you from copyright" is a total myth.  Your own voice can be claimed as copyright. You can't even sing a few lyrics from some random song. You can barely talk about anything without it being claimed.
Even if your dispute works. There's 2 facts that you're forgetting.

  1.  For 30 days whoever made the claim is going to get the revenue you would've made off that video. 
  2.  Even if it does clear. The same company can find something else to claim. 

The other thing that bugs me is that these companies don't really care. Likely they don't even know that stuff is being claimed. Japanese companies especially fall into this category. I've personally tried to contact most of these companies so we could work something out. Never recieved a response. It can't be a language barrier issue. Cause there site can be viewed in English as well (without the help of google translate).

Nothing is really being done about this either. I bet this video will likely fall on deaf ears and roll into obscurity. I think Youtube's copyright policy should be completely overhauled. There's no communication between the (supposed) copyright owner and the uploader. Its all decided by a computer and the only time its given a serious look. Is when the situation is serious enough that someone is likely to be sued. There needs to be more communication between the company and the uploader.

How Copyright Should Be Handled (at least one way):

  • -If said company has a problem with a video. Then that company itself should come forward and say its a problem. Not let some automated computer handle it.
  • -Afterwards using Youtube/Google as a Mediator. The company and the owner of the video should establish some form of communication. In the meantime the problematic video in question should be either made unviewable by the public or unmonetized for the time being.
  • -If either party doesn't respond in a set amount of days. (lets say 1 to 2 weeks). Then the dispute is to be handled by youtube.  So if the uploader didn't respond then the copyright owner gets to decide what happens. If the Copyright Owner doesn't response the situation is decided by the uploader.
  • -Allow the 2 parties to come to some form of agreement. Whether its takedown the video.  Share the monetized profits. Edit the video. etc.