Friday, January 8, 2016

Beast's Fury Officially Dead

Taken off Life Support

Beast's Fury a fighting game project started long ago in 2012. Has announced that it officially shut down.  After 5 - 10 months of inactivity the main developer appeared on FurAffinity and many other sites to make the following post.

"I want to thank everyone that has supported Beast's Fury over the last 5 years. Sorry to be bearer of bad news but its officially closed down for good. it has caused a lot of personal and financial problems for me which i am still trying to fix. it's also to do with the constant negative passive aggressive criticism. I get from people on a daily basis which is in no way helpful. i feel whenever i try to fix it. It just keeps falling apart. i'm not here for sympathy. I just wanted to let everyone know what's going on. I wish everyone well, and here's to the new year."

Not too soon after his FurAffinity Page was disabled as well as his Facebook Page.  I imagine his Youtube and Google pages will shut down soon as well. Many many kickstarter backers are enraged at this. According to many fans. Apparently due to his inability to plan appropriately, his conduct on forums and livestreams, bad money management, as well as asking for more money has led to this. 

According to the Kickstarter Page 797 people have pledged a total of $47,256 AUD.  I've been hearing rumors from friends that he also has other crowdfunding accounts and the total amount of money is much more than that the Kickstarter. 

The most this game has to show for all the money put into it is an alpha demo that's still available on certain websites. 

My Thoughts?

Well I didn't back the project. I didn't have any money to do so. I personally would rather back a project that shows it's near completion and shows actual promise. I honestly forgot about this game until yesterday when he announced he's shutting down. I'm not gonna sit here and think, "oh he's just running away with all that money." It's likely poor spending. I want to avoid that kind of drama. Best to what's the phrase? I can't think of it right now. Just do damage control and leave before things get serious. By damage control I mean refunding money or giving something in return.

At this stage in the game considering the money taken. The fact he had an alpha demo release.  Certain promises. etc. Ryhan Stevens (his name according to should just forfeit any assets to this game he has to someone else. I imagine fulfilling the backers promises like issuing arcade sticks, art books, T-Shirts, etc. would likely be not possible. But it's not unheard of to give a game's assets to someone else and let them do whatever they want with it. 

Drama put aside. Handing the game over to someone else would be the best choice as of right now. It could at least make a decent set of MUGEN characters where it is now. I feel bad that such a game won't see light.  It's obvious this guy was trying. But just couldn't handle it.  Well maybe someone will pick up the remains and do something with it. 

I certainly like the artwork. But I suppose this is a prime example of why I never want to be in Game Design.