Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend - Other Jin Hit Confirm Astrals

Messing around in Blazblue CP EX. I found more Hit Confirm Astrals. Although they probably already been found long ago. 

6C - 2D - Astral
The simplest of them all. You should be pre-charging on 2D. The moment it hits input the rest of the of the Astral command. 

6C - 6D - Astral (CORNER ONLY)
Same as the previous one but timing is slightly different. 

2D - Astral 

Slightly harder cause you don't get the tons of time from the opponent falling out of the air. Unless its an Anti-Air hit. 

6D - Astral
Rather Difficult to pull off. The timing is pretty fickle. You can't cancel 6D so you have to wait for the animation to play out then input it. 

j5D - Astral
The most difficult one in this video. You need to be really close to the ground to pull it off. Otherwise the opponent will break out of the freeze state or you'll end up jumping again. 

In CP and CPEX you can't hit confirm fullscreen fireball to Astral anymore. Jin only throws out the fast one and the EX version. It's too fast to try and hit confirm off of. Other's I've tried can be traps or resets???? 

These are much better than throw right? Enjoy.