Friday, January 29, 2016

Cyberbots Fullmetal Madness - Arcade Run (Gawaine)

Well what to say about this fighting game? It's giant robots. Made by Capcom. Not much else to say.

I'd say something about the story but I'm playing this in japanese. It was the only way I could get this game. Through the Japanese PSN Store.

Thankfully has a guide on this game that's actually worth value unlike a lot of the other guides they have. Everywhere else I found tons of inaccurate information.

The combat is faster than that of Gundam Battle Assault. Thank god. Moves are rather simple. The combat system can be a bit deep but simple to understand. If you get hit a lot you're parts fall off leaving you vulnerable or without certain attacks. It kinda feels like Rock, Paper, Scissors. I generally pick an a move that can deal with my opponent's move. Hopefully stopping them. From what I gather from the guide there's a ton of OTG moves (Off the Ground).  Everyone even has a rather universal OTG.

Character models or really sprites are alright. I mean I only like a certain few in this game. It does give me a bit of interest as to why we didn't use a lot of these other characters in Marvel vs Capcom. Well most of Jin's moves come from the game's system itself. The bit of him exploding energy all around him is a universal move you have in this game.  His other attacks are based on various supers or normal attacks. LOL.

Music well its kinda anime-ish which I don't mind. At least during the story bits its rather anime. To be honest I forgot the music was in the game cause of the sound effects and I was focusing on the game. So I didn't give the soundtrack a proper listen.

I have to say the game is rather balanced from the looks of things. Even boss characters have huge glaring weaknesses. I imagine its due to the game's limitations. This was rather early in the history of fighting games.

Overall I like this game. It doesn't feel frustrating to play. So I enjoy this. If only it got sequels. But like most of Capcom's game's it's forgotten in time.