Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Final Fantasy Record Keeper: (Event) Hidden Resolve Challenge Event Battles

Well I'm rather just getting around to posting this I had this done last week. But I was seriously ill for most of the week. Still not feeling great today...but you don't care about I don't wanna bore you with that crap.

This event is going on. Think it ends on thursday? Its for Yuffie. More importantly its for RedXIII's 2nd Memory Crystal.

This event came with a few challenges. Mainly have Yuffie solo most of the elite event. This was rather annoying. Why solo? She can barely take a hit. I have to say I got lucky drawing her unique weapon with a random 5 Mythril Draw. But I still didn't like this event.

Yuffie's Solo's and 3-Man Challenges

Like I said before I hate these challenges.

  1. I don't like Yuffie. And I never will like her.
  2. Solo's in this game are a pain. 
  3. I hate Yuffie
Basically the first 4 are Yuffie Solo's they didn't give us the decency to make these fights a single battle either. So now gotta make Yuffie Survive up to the boss and beat it. Often times that random Sephiroth/Black Materia RW helped out. Other times I was stuck on my own. Steal HP doesn't refill the HP desired at least to me. And even if she can use magic she sucks at it. To make things worse I thought her ninja abilities would be enough to sweep the mobs. Wrong. Every single mob lived on Magic Pixel.  


I hate this fight. It wasn't the healing it was the constant spam of status effects. And in Record Keeper getting hit by status effects is a matter of luck. (RNG). The accessories for blocking status are only as good as Final Fantasy X's Status Guard BS. This guy kept spamming sleep and attacking all day. And for most of the spells he knew which guy to hit. It was after I finished this fight that I decided I'm not even going to attempt the ultimate. Here's why.

The Ultimate is Godo again. But this time he's uber powered. His status spells target/hit the whole party. He's obviously gonna hit like a truck. I have no defense to keep myself alive long enough to fight to win. I looked at my stats and decided there's no way I could fight this battle and win. Not without spending maybe 5 - 10 mythril and hoping I get offense and defense buffs. No I'm not gonna stress myself over that fight. There's more to this later but I'll save it for the end of this post.

Materia Keeper ++ (Materia Keeper)

Now then this fight was rather easy. As long as dude didn't crit I'm fine. I just pounded away with my favorite dudes. Thank god I didn't have to bring Yuffie.

The Four +++ (Shake, Staniv, Gorkii, & Chekhov)

Hate this setup. Why? Well look at it. It's designed for an all out offensive with no backup plan. No one to heal you. No one to cast buffs. Just pray that you win. I think these type of strategies are stupid cause it can be easily ruined. Fang...you're useless...

Something Random

This happened during one of my recordings.  I thought it was rather funny. As if the AI was rather sentient and killed Kimarhi.

Random BS #2: What pisses me off

It's not that anything in this game truly pisses me off. Its the community behind this game. I can't stand them. You have the guys that post random strategies but its based on assumptions. None of those people really take the time to think about there stats. They just go. Oh well I'll just use Sentinel Grimoire, Stoneskin II, Boon, or Lunatic High.  Yeah that's great and all. But have you ever thought to yourself that maybe. Just Maybe that other people don't have the same stuff as you. Especially for a game that has a huge RNG factor behind it.

Wanna see some examples? Let me post a couple of pics

This is 4 different people who posted there party setup for the same battle. I look at this and go. there's no way I can copy that setup. It's not just the equipment. But the abilities as well. So those people that go "oh just simply use this strategy". Could you think about it before saying that to others? One my luck is no where near as great as theirs. Especially in the abilities department. I don't need 5 Star equipment? Well I don't have the same abilities as you. Not only that My party stats aren't the same. 

2nd Thing that bugs me. The people that think. Oh you shouldn't use this character cause he/she sucks. First off that's your opinion. 2nd This is the saddest thing I see in the gaming community in general. People that believe there's only a set few ways to play a game. I didn't realize there's a rule book for these games. Where in that rulebook does it state I need play like everyone else? Also show me this rulebook.  I thought I was playing a game not doing a final exam at school.

3rd The people that constantly go. "I'm Free-to-Play" "I'm F2P!".  Shut up and remove that sentence from your vocabulary. No one cares that you didn't pay anything for a game and got this far. It's not proving anything. Except that you're incredibly lucky with RNG and possibly spend way more time than most other people playing the game. I won't hold against you on the 2nd one. But regardless. No one cares that you're free-2-play. 

Sorry for the rant but needed to get that off my chest.