Friday, January 8, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD: Ch1 Kilika Island Sphere Craze

Well the last thing to do in Chapter 1. At Kilika Island.

Very Bad Security Gate

So this mini game involves Dona being a bitch as usual towards the guards. While she distracts the guards with her bitching you look for an opportunity to slip past the open gate. It's pretty simple. Just look for a moment while the gate is open and press X. I heard you can fail this and end up failing the entire mission? But I never seen that happen.

Squatter Monkey Hide N' Seek Part 1

So there's a lady in the 2nd area of Kilika who talks about Squatter Monkeys. You can take the time to hunt down the monkeys scattered through the forest. Although you'll only be able to find half of them at this point. You have to come back later in Chapter 3 to finish this one. Better to wait anyways when you get the no encounters accessory.  If you intend to hunt them down. Just run around and mash X when you start hearing the sound of monkeys.

What's the Password?

So first off you need to find out what the passwords are.  In the back of of the forest near a dead end. You'll find some guards talking. They mention the passwords and how they work.  It works simply like this. The Passwords are based on the number of soldiers stationed at each checkpoint when asked.

  • If the number of soldiers is even. (2, 4. 6. 8,...) Then you answer Craven Monkey!
  • If the number of soldiers is odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9...) Then you answer Carved Monkey!
Answering correctly the first time the soldiers hand you items. Yay. The game will try to trick you by changing the camera angle on you. Its pretty easy to tell how many there are.


Pretty lack luster for a chapter end boss.  Just keep up the heals. And attack with whatever you want. 

Well since this battle is over. The chapter is over. Next.