Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Bogus Sphere Data Sell

Well this is a bit of side quest. You don't have to do it.  If you want money you'll do it.  So if you go to the Inn. You'll find a dude selling some Sphere data. That sounds great.  New spheres....Except its Bogus....yep.  Our objective is make a return of profit.  So we gotta find a willing to buy it.

There's many people out there. But we're looking for people that have money. There's 2 people that actually have money.

-The Accessory Shopkeeper. He'll give 80k for the data!!!! 

But we can go higher.  Guess who wants the data?  It's someone you wouldn't think twice about.

-The Inn Shopkeeper will give 100k for the DATA ^_^!!!!!

Yep the very guy we got this from. Will take it. That's a huge return in profit. You can use this to help out O'aka's debts. Buy some supplies whatever. We got money!