Sunday, January 24, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Mi'hen Highroad Wild Chocobo Chase

Alright time to do something with Chocobo's. Yuna arrives and spots a chocobo. Along with Calli. Remember Calli? Not likely. She was that little girl you met here in FFX that didn't really make an impression. 
Anyway we gotta catch this chocobo!  But it runs away like ALL OF THEM DO!  First thing any feathers you pick up count as items. You can take the time pick them all up if you wish. Don't worry if you fail the mini-game it restarts. Eventually Rikku stops and says that it's over somewhere. You can say yes and get a random chest. Or just say no and keep going. 

Now that you cornered it. Time to capture it??? nope...Basically you chase this thing back and forth. You try to play guess where the chocobo is going. It eventually gets tired if you keep getting it wrong making it easier don't feel bad its rather RNG. 

Well now that that's failed. Time for a new plan. Go drastic measures. Make your way all the way back to the hovercraft driver. And now your rather drastic plan goes into action. Chocobo caught. 

But we have a problem. Apparently Calli got too eager. Thanks Robin! Calli now faces the threat of a Chocobo Eater. Yuna has a good idea but is cock-blocked by Paine. We made higher jumps before WHY NOT NOW?! Thankfully Clasko shows up and buys up some time. Now to hurry to gorge and face off with the chocobo eater. Shouldn't be too hard. 

Well that's done...not really we need to come back here and pick up Clasko and Calli this time. Don't forget about them. So warp down there and pick up some more freeloaders.