Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch2 Two Birds, One Stone (Djose)

Well like I said we aren't done with Mushroom Rock Road. But best to start from Djose Temple. Make sure you do the publicity crap if you're choosing to do so. On the way down. We find Leblanc Syndicate searching for a lost sphere. So we just walk down the path until we reach the area. Then its time for a fight. Logos & Ormi fights along with a FemGoons. Well beat the crap outta them and while we're at it take a uniform!

So now we got a special dresssphere (Yuna's Floral Fallal) as well as a Leblanc Syndacite Uniform. I probably forgot to mention how Special Dresspheres work. Basically to use it you must Dressphere Change to all of your Dresspheres in the same battle. Once that is done. You'll see the option to change into it. So after a long winded Sailor Moon Transformation You'll see whatever have a drastic wardrobe makeover.

Each Special Dressphere is highly different for each character. Yuna's focuses on Magic, Paine's focuses on physical elemental attacks and status effects. While Rikku's focuses on buffs and debuffs. They all operate the same. Instead of YRP on the battlefield it'll be just a single character with 2 helpers. All 3 have there own HP bar. However if the main character dies, the Special Dressphere effect ends having the other 2 party members jump back in with there dead friend. 

You don't really have to worry about much while in this state except keeping the main character alive. If any of the 2 helpers fall you have an ability to revive them (have to learn it). MP cost isn't much of an issue either as most abilities cost no MP. Just be wary about using this dressphere against enemies/bosses that have moves that drop your HP down to 1. Usually if they can do that, it's likely that death is inevitable for you.  

Well now that's out the way. Mission Complete. Next.