Saturday, January 16, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Gunner's Gauntlet 2nd Prize

Well we aren't done here yet.  There's another prize to shoot for. You need to play Gunner's Gauntlet again to reach at least Level 6. This is cause you want the Mortal Coil Garment Grid. It's completely up to you if you wanna go after all these prizes. Just a few things to note here.

  • It's better and easier to level up one at a time instead of all at once. This is cause each level of difficulty yields better enemies and points to actually hit the next score marker.
  • Whatever your high score is on your current file. When you start New Game+, the next time you arrive here in chapter 2. Beclem's score will be your score +100 points. This can get annoying depending on how much you played.
Prizes as listed

1 = 500  Enigma Plate (Garment Grid)
2 = 750 Power Wrist
3 = 900 Silver Bracer
4 = 1000 Titanium Bangle
5 = 1150 Mortal Coil (Garment Grid)
6 = 1300 Beaded Brooch
7 = 1400 Diamond Gloves
8 = 2000 Faerie Earrings
9 = 2800 Adamantite

You can generally stop at Level 5. Adamantite is worth the effort if you want it. Especially this early in the game. It gives Auto-Wall (Protect and Shell), HP+100%, Def +120, Mag Def.+120, Agility -30


This function gets introduced as you progress through the levels. Generally around level 4 you'll see that you can pick up upgrades for your bullets. You'll see a number in blue next to your ammo count. Pressing Triangle will consume that ammo to refine it into the next class. 


I don't really recommend using this. You should be fast enough to fire normally. It also doesn't help your reload time. (you can only fire 6 shots at a time before Yuna stops firing as if she's reloading).  The time intervals for her reloads is fickle. But it does produce some funny results when shooting. 

General Strategy

Keep Targeting. By mashing the target button you should be able to pick up the enemy at the max distance and fire right away. After each round (or each shot) keep refreshing the targeting so you can pick up newer enemies. This way you won't get surprised and have your chain broken cause you were focusing on the big guy.

Use Ammo Wisely. You need to switch between the right ammo at for each situation. You should save your Death and Volley Ammo for the big enemies or to get you out of a sticky situation. You're normal ammo and Dual ammo should be focused on the weaker enemies and keeping them at bay. 

If you picked up quick shot. Make full use of it. Shoot like crazy!

Safe Spot

In the waterfall area. Just before the 3rd and final waterfall. You can stand near the fence and the enemies will ignore you. This will allow you to safely farm points and ammo. But you should book it to the finish line when the time gets around 1 minute. You need time to kill whatever enemies remain between you and the finish line. This is where Death and Volley Ammo come into to play.