Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Freedom Planet: An Introduction To Torque

An Introduction To Torque

  • -Torque is essentially Megaman or Axl if you wanna get technical.
  • -He can shoot different weapons. A buster, bomb, and Rising type
  • -Each weapon has a limited ammo amount but weakness and resistance seem to play a role as well.
  • -You pick up ammo from treasure boxes or certain enemies. Yeah remember those orbs. That's what they're for.
  • -His jump is a hover...errrr...limited flight. You can re-activate it midair if you manage to recharge it in time.
  • -His movement speed is dismal. Seriously the slowest character of the game. 
  • -His HP is the same as Milla's however due to his speed he's prone to taking a lot of hits. Especially since he has no actual way of defending himself like the other characters.  (No invincibility moves)
  • -You can switch between you're 3 weapon types.
  • -Whenever you start a stage or die you have the option to switch weapons. 
  • -Torque can wreck most bosses almost faster than Milla can.
  • -You can go instantly into a dash while on the ground by using Down + Jump
  • -Torque wrecks Dail 2