Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Freedom Planet - Shang Mu Academy (Milla)

Milla Overview:

  • An overview of Milla:

  • -Milla is downright broken.

  • -While appearances she looks like the worst character of the game she's actually pretty great.

  • -B forms a giant green cube that can thrown at enemies or used to pick up certain objects.

  • -C forms for a reflective shield that reflects most projectiles.

  • -B+C Forms a huge shield blast that gives Milla a bit of recoil but is also very powerful on hit and reflect.

  • -Her jump action is a flutter jump. Like Yoshi's It doesn't kick in right away otherwise it would be a flight move.

  • -Milla doesn't have any energy to recharge. 

  • -Milla's lifebar is low. 

  • -Many Milla stages are cut short due to story or the fact that its just way too hard for her. Or really I should say Final Dreadnaught 3 and 4 are cut short. Due to storyline.
Expect a Milla run soon. I can run Arcade but the Beta isn't complete yet to where I can run her story without problems.