Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver (Best is subjective)

Okay so the reason I rented this game from Gamefly. Cause I haven't played a racing game in who knows how long. But this game has the bare minimum of what you can call a racing game. It's way too short. It's rather boring. It can easily piss you off.

So from what I examined during play. There's pretty much only a career mode. You select a team and perform several different task to advance to the next challenge. Simple yes?  In some cases. Others ugh.

You have Green Team that consist of speed challenges
Blue Team consists of Drift Challenges
Yellow Team consists of off-road, destruction derby challenges
Red Team consists of Extreme trick challenges.

I'll tell you right now. It's not as great as it sounds. I only really had fun with Green and Yellow teams. Blue team was absolutely frustrating. Red Team I didn't understand the controls. And half the time I didn't understand what a specific challenge had to do with each team.

What does dirt biking on an obstacle course to grab check points have to do with drifting? Or better yet how is it high tech? Insane shock absorbers????

The Teams

Green Team

Green Team was the most fun of the game. Just pure speed but very little racing to be honest. I particulary enjoy the go as fast as you can without crashing challenges. I can't complain about this except for the lack of racing. I wanna race. Not just do random things with cars that I could invest a $500+ in to buy a ton of Hot Wheels track sets.

Blue Team

Blue Team was absolutely frustrating. There some drift challenges that are easy. But then I have others that I go WHAT?! HOW?! No seriously how do I drift on a wall? I understand Hot Wheels physics. But that doesn't seem to apply here and the law of gravity kicks in. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't pull it off. It doesn't help that your navigator is pretty much negative about your skills every time you mess up. Even if it's not your fault. You're getting scolded.

"Blue get your head in game!"
"That is not the way of Team Blue!"
"I am not your teacher! Now get with it Blue!"


Yellow Team

Yellow Team is rather ok. At least until the later levels. I was either pushing stuff off a boat/cliff/bridge etc. Doing a Hill Climb, or Monster Trucks!  A lot of it was fun till the later levels started pulling dick moves. In the later stages. I had to not only get to the top of the hill in time. But I had to dodge landmines. The monster truck bit barely gives you enough time to rack up a good score. I don't have too many complaints here except for the last few levels where it felt like everything was against me.

The monster truck accelerated on its own and I had to mash the brakes to keep it from falling off the cliff. Some objects just wouldn't budge at all. And apparently aside from landmines screwing me over. I encountered a glitch that pretty much made me pass the stage anyway without reaching the end?????

Red Team

Red Team is frustrating cause of the controls. I'm supposed to do tricks with whatever vehicle. The problem is I only know one trick???? I can combine that trick with spins, front flips, & back flips but that's not much.  The games there's at least 12 different tricks? (need correction).  But I can only do the same one. To make it worse the supposed chain I'm building up drains really fast. If I didn't fail the trick then the chain resets cause I didn't do a trick in time.

I did get a laugh out of the obstacle course. It gave me flashbacks of watching "Wipeout!" Try to get across a log the flips every few intervals. Only to get sent flying. Get smacked by a beam off your ride. I think physics went out the window at this point. Or maybe it used the physics of an actual Hot Wheels car + action figure being thrown by a child. This was absolutely hilarious.

Music and Sound

The music sounds great at first but after awhile. I'd say about and hour or 2. You have heard every track in the game. Only reason I say that long is cause unless you mess with the settings most of the time the sound is drowned out by the roar of your engine, Your navigator scolding/praising you, or your utter frustration. The music is very forgettable. Honestly most of the time I had, "Born Too Slow" by The Crystal Method playing in my head while playing this game.

Other Issues

Oh joy. Well the only thing you sign into PSN or whatever for. Is leaderboards and OMG how did these people get such high scores? I look at mines and then I see there's. Did they use a cheat? Some kind of shortcut? Glitch? These scores are ridiculous.

Another issue is how bland the stages are. Its pretty much Dirt, Boat dock, ice, skyscraper. That's it. Rather dull in course design.

Again where's the racing? That's why I rented this game. For the racing. The screenshots have the appearance of there being actual racing. But this is far from it. Also when I see the title World's Best driver. I think back to the Hot Wheels Movies. Well I was apparently thinking of the wrong movie. Since this had nothing to do with the one I was thinking of.


Well if you're looking for a Racing Game. This isn't it. It does have multiplayer. But its not very fun. This is more of a time waster game than anything else. It might work for kids. But anyone that isn't a kid probably won't enjoy this for very long. Definitely don't get this for full price if you can help it.