Friday, January 15, 2016

SD Gundam GGeneration Overworld - Mission: Core 3

Stage 3 : Firewall

Initial units:

Amuro in Nu / Nu HWS / Hi-nu

Ra Cailum, Jegan x4, Jesta x4, ReGZ x1

ReZel commander x1, ReZel x2, Proto Stark Jegan x2, Stark Jegan x2, Jegan D x4, Nahel Argama

Regina x8

Generation Break 1:

Break Trigger: Code Phoenix defeats Amuro.

Challenge Mission: Code Phoenix defeats Amuro within 5 turns.

Well Amuro isn't too difficult. If he doesn't use his funnels. You're fine. The difficult part comes after this.

Enemy Reinforcements:

Domon in Shining / God / God Hyper mode

Rising, Maxter, Dragon, Bolt, Rose, Nobusshi x4, Phantoma x2, GolBee II

Regina x8

Secret Reinforcements: Allenby in Nobel Gundam(Berserk), Deathbirdie x4

Generation Break 2:

Break Trigger: Code Phoenix defeats Domon.

Challenge Mission: Code Phoenix defeats Domon within 5 turns.

Now difficulty kicks in. Cause Domon is all the way on the other side. And Code Phoenix is on the opposite side of the map.  Not fun to travel that far. Especially when there isn't too many units you can safely setup for Code Phoenix to chain kill.

Enemy Reinforcements:

Tobia in Crossbone Gundam X3/ Skull Heart / Full Cloth

Crossbone Gundam X1, Crossbone Gundam X2, Flint x6, Mother Vanguard

Secret Reinforcements: Riddhe Marcenas in Delta Gundam Kai, Hyakushiki x4

Core Impact: 

Code Phoenix defeats Tobia within 5 turns.

Enemy Reinforcements: 4 clones of your units picked at random

And again. Tobia gets positioned over on the opposite end. -_-