Thursday, January 7, 2016

Skylanders Superchargers - Online Update v1.05

Nice to see games get updated online. So to go over these updates.

Racing Kits:

Over by Panderghast's racing area. You can find an area where you can customize your supercharger further. By purchasing a kit (cost gear bits) you'll gain parts or cards that either customize the look of your supercharger. Change passive effects of your Supercharger, Or change an attack on your supercharger. However this only affects your vehicle in race mode. Actual adventure mode is unaffected. 

Elemental Gate Chest:

-Next to the Elemental Gate Challenge area you'll find a door that can open based on how many Elemental Gate challenge stars you've acquired. These contain generally experience points. 

Supercharger Challenge Chest

-Next to the SuperCharger Challenge Area you can find a chest that opens up based on how many stars you've obtained during those challenges.

Supercharger Element Gates
-During adventure mode levels you can randomly find Supercharger gates scattered about for even more rewards. These will not only require a SuperCharger Skylander but require a specific element as well. 

Small Bug Fixes.