Thursday, January 28, 2016

Skylanders Superchargers - Warden Moneybone (Nightmare/No Deaths)

Well been a long time since I posted anything Skylanders right? Well the reason is that I'm lacking a lot of motivation, Family, money, depression issues. And there's the fact that I wanted to get it all recorded in one go before uploading. But couldn't do it.  Managing a no death, Nightmare Mode is a pain.

For this fight. The minions do a ton of damage and are hard to kill off. Like about 300+ damage each. There's an area on the top left portion of the screen where you can't see where you are and its pretty much death for you. Really want to avoid warping onto the left side if you can help it. Then you gotta deal with the puns. Then you gotta deal with EON NOT SHUTTING UP!!! I KNOW EON!!! I'M BUSY RESCUING YOU!!!