Thursday, January 7, 2016

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time - Its A Game Of Chess

Well this part is slightly boring. It took me 20 some odd minutes to find Dejinson. I forgot he's stupidly walking outside in the cold. Skip to the next inventor. Mackwell, I have his book that he wanted. See its best to get these guys ASAP so you can get the items they make at discounts. 

Main story.  On our way to the Ancient Ruins of Mosel. The king could've sent some dragons to fly us over there. So we wouldn't have to walk. Although I guess it wouldn't be a test of trust would it? 

Schwiemer: Difficulty Not Worth Mentioning
Dude we just beat the crap out of Vox. And now we have someone good at anti-air attacks. Let's not forget you don't even have a face. You're lucky to have a voice over. Is that (But notice how despite Adray is on our team he doesn't get any screen time or actual cutscenes.)

Mosel Dunes 
Well I already walked through here before remember?  Do some actual fighting this time cause I can actually take these guys a bit more confidently. 

Ancient Ruins of Mosel: Sadly I'll be walking back here later on.  But RUNIC CHESS!  I'd love to have pictures of the black chess pieces. They look rather cool.  I don't like the enemies here. Especially the imps.  They're fast and spam firebolt. Firebolt is normally negligable but there's so many being shot it just over the annoyance line. Oh how nice of the king to trust us. As long as Albel joins our team. 

Fangirls scream cause you get to see Albel in chains. Considering my previous playthroughs. I already know how much you girls love Albel. And likely want him chained up in your basement or something along those lines. He joins. Okay so before I leave. Start a quick sidequest. Talking to the King he asks you to deliver a letter for him. So YOU'RE WALKING ALL THE WAY BACK TO AQUARIA!!!