Monday, January 25, 2016

Tales of Zestiria - Fire Temple Rage

40:22 - Boss Fight: Salamander

Water Temple Hard My *****!!!! 
Hate this temple! Why do I have to pay attention to small unnoticeable details! Thought I was playing a "Tales of" Game not a Sierra Game.

So Basically this temple's gimmick is lighting torches. But not in just any order. No the order is specific. None of the guides I was using pointed this ****ing s***ty gimmick either.  You have to examine the torches. Or really tilt the camera so that you're looking at the bottom of the torch. Notice the unremarkle markings on them? Yeah they deal with the order you light the torches in. Not only that but you have light them from that angle as well. So if you mark one at an angle where the marks aren't there. You got it wrong. THIS IS BEYOND STUPID! What kind of player is going to notice this load of crap when you're not using a guide. Not even the guides I used noted anything about this. They listed the order but didn't say anything about directions. And the Order was wrong too!!!

I spent 3 hours here! 3 HOURS!!!! As for the boss fight. What happened to my Appeal Guard Ability? It should've attracted the boss to attack me. Not run over to my AI allies and kill them off. I still don't understand a damn thing about Weapon Fusion. Just that I need to try and get as many unions as possible. Although when I do that I end up finding better equipment altogether and start having to farm that load of crap. Is there a point where I can actually stop and properly grind? This is getting ridiculous to take care of.