Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tales Of Zestiria - Kittens And Fakes

So today is a rest day....NOT! The minute you try and go to sleep you hear the sound of a monster...NO ITS NOT HELDALF! Heldalf may be a furry but he doesn't roar in the night. And again my Appeal guard doesn't work. So if the enemy doesn't have a weakness then I have to cover it with Armitization?  Sigh.  So it turned out to be a fat cat and our new Lord of the Land. uh...let's see what's up. Well I got a ton of options on where to it be that I have no options in reality and its all just an illusion. Ahhh a fake Shepard. Man you can compare the majority of this game to Jehovah's Witnesses in a lot of ways. (besides the use of magic and the fact that you can see Seraphim).  

Maltran might be an undead...I mean hellion. Interesting. Well that's it for this part.