Friday, January 8, 2016

Tales Of Zestiria - No Vacations Allowed

Alright. Dungeon Crawling time.  Wait...sigh...dungeon crawling.  Well the goal is at least simple. Hit the switches so you can cross to the other side. Monsters are already weak to our 2 new party members. So its not a bad trip.


 Supposed to be a fast fighter. But has some real issue with this thing called range. She also seems to get a bit too over-zealous with hits. At least from my point of view. Apparently the reason why people like her is the fact that she has 2 different weapons you can use to equip even more skills. I'm still rather attached to Alicia. Meh Rose is alright.


Well I have to ask. Why isn't anyone playing as this guy more? He's got almost everything needed.  Dude has range, Has good spells with actual range (yeah Lilah you really need to learn how not to be Pascal 2.0).  I enjoy controlling this guy. Not fond of the the Wind Armatization. As it feels like everything is on a set range. And playing keep away isn't my favorite thing.

So the dungeon on its own is nothing special. Walk from point A to point B to Point C and done. But now at least we have a few destinations in mind. Too bad there's no cameras in that time period. They could take a picture of that map or at least draw on a map the areas marked.