Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tales Of Zestiria - A Pope That Isn't Evil

Yeah the opening. I showed to show my frustration. I hate using Lilah. She has Pascal syndrome. 
Make it to town in the middle of nowhere. And its busy. Big surprise. Hmmmm so what's this town's secret?  Asking around everywhere it's obvious they don't want us to enter that cave. So by RPG logic that's where we need to go.  Didn't think I'd get a woman age joke in the game. Thought that joke died. 

After boss fight that isn't a boss fight. Seriously why was the boss theme playing? We find out the truth. And more. Turns out the cave they wanted to keep us out of is the very place we need to go. 

Well if you ask me about the Pope's crimes with this fake elixir. I would say get him to stop doing that. Or at least make it actually worth something. My reasoning?  Well if you talk to the NPCs it says the Pope is sick and the likely cause is due to how you make this fake elixir. Something to do poisonous vapors and such. Dude is throwing away his life by ignoring safety precautions and trying to restore a town. At least make the Pope and everyone else take some safety standards. 

It's great he's doing all this but one it is wrong and two he's putting his life on the line. Not to mention anyone else in the future that tries to make that stuff. That's all I have to say on it.