Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tales Of Zestiria - We're Ghooosts

First off does Rose really thing that Sorey can't take a bunch of a assassins? Well this is sorta a break time period. I mean did just fight in a war, get our butts kicked by a MadLeomon Knockoff, have our resonance blocked so that our ghostly friends can't talk to us for a good while, and meet a dude that probably got kicked out the Belmont family line. We deserve a break.  

Although Lailah...I've been wanting to say this and I'll probably repeat this again.  I understand that you're forbidden by an oath not to tell us stuff till we find out about it. BUT SERIOUSLY! YOU COULD TELL US SOME OF THIS CRAP AND SAVE US A TON OF TIME! AT LEAST HINT TOWARDS IT! Nope the oath states that we have to do something stupid and wander aimlessly until we figure out something on our own that's related to the oath.

Yet I'M STILL BROKE!!!!!  Still can't really afford new stuff and fusing stuff is still expensive. Buying the Grade Shop DLC is really tempting. So.....lets explore some ruins....yippee.  I honestly would not be able to tell there's switches on the ground since they don't obviously stand out. RPGs stopped doing that.  Even worse....I'm supposed to examine some blank walls? Doors I can understand. But dull and boring walls?  Why not just tell me walk around everywhere and mash the X button?  

Ok on to the boss fight. This I could use as Example No.1 why I hate this battle system along with Graces. I guess the developers went to Piccolo's training school of fighting. DODGE DODGE DODGE!  Yeah but which way should I dodge? I clearly can't block everything. Fighting games seem to have this issue as well. Rewarding dodging more than rewarding successful blocks. Sigh. I'm not playing an adventure game where the main character probably hasn't heard of blocking before. I think I'd be more satisfied playing Ninja Gaiden on Xbox since it actually has a good balance of required dodging and blocking (yes I just compared an adventure game to a JRPG so what I could make worse comparisons).  

Here's a tidbit we didn't really tell you till later and its not in the instruction manual or most strategy guides. YOU CAN'T RECOVER HP WHILE UNDER STATUS EFFECTS!!!! Great....thanks for telling me so late.  What's up with the "Tales of" series adapting this style of telling you information way too late, Instead of when you needed it?  This is why instruction manuals are properly made. To tell me this crap ahead of time instead of after it happens. You wouldn't go on a job you haven't done before with no instructions only to be told how to do it properly after you mess up would you?  Well I hope not. (On a previous recording not shown it told me this.  I find it stupid either way).   Just make an instruction manual guys. It's not that hard. Don't wait till its too late to tell me information I could've used a long time ago. 

Ok and we meet probably the coolest seraph in this game. A dog seraph. Likely the nicest one out of all of them. Next part more ruin exploration.