Thursday, January 28, 2016

FF X-2 HD - Ch2 Thunder Plains Lightning Rod Towers 1

Ok so at the Thunder Plains the lightning towers are having issues...when are they not? You can volunteer to fix them. To fix these towers you have to play a mini-game. Pretty much hit whatever button comes up on screen. Harder than it sounds. 
Yuna plays a game of Simon. Rikku has to hit whatever buttons appear on screen and it gets faster. Paine has to hit whatever button is shining before its too late. It starts off easy. But gets insanely hard. You can't pause the game to collect your thoughts or try to cheat. You have to do the whole gauntlet of 30 in one go. If you make a mistake 3 times you lose and have to try again.

You need to get at least 6 or 7 to actually get a complete. Luckily like the Monkey quest in Zanarkand you wait till chapter 3. 
The 10th tower is hidden. Sorta. You need to walk a bit in order to have Yuna trigger a scene then when near the tower you play a game of simon but you have input the buttons in backwards order.