Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Besaid Protect Besaid Temple

Things aren't good here. Since fiends are coming out of the temples. There's an argument about what to do about the problem Burn it drastic. It's not as chaotic as Kilika was but still. Wakka stupidly goes in to take care of the problem. We need to go in before Beclem gets any crazy ideas and deal with this. 

So inside the temple it's not much to note. Just make your way to the back room and well...Valefor gone evil. Crap. Well this is somewhat painful...emotionally. Valefor generally just attacks HP and MP at her own choosing along with delay moves. Energy Ray and Energy Blast aren't too bad to deal with. Well that's over and done with. Now just one other thing to do. Well a few.
Optionally we have a new version of Gunner's Gauntlet. This time its a rail shooter version...You still have to lock-on and kill the enemies but you move the camera around Occulus Rift style to find the enemies. If the enemies touch you. You'll take damage. So yeah you need to kill efficiently. This is honestly impossible For me. This is not how you make a rail shooter. You don't have to win here. As the prizes are things you can get at other places. 

See there's a hidden treasure on Besaid and we need a certain something to find it. That's assuming you found the Besaid key while digging in Bikanel. Basically we're playing a game of hot and cold around Besaid Island. So go inside the temple and in one of the rooms the old man will tell you have the key to open the chest. It's a search sphere. 

Like I said you're playing Hot And Cold with this. You use the search sphere to find the spot where there's another sphere lying about once you find that. You use that sphere to look around Besaid and you're searching for a number. The number is different every playthrough but the locations are the same. Write these numbers down cause you'll need them. Either follow my video of this or find a guide to tell you where to look hopefully a picture guide. 

Once you find all 4 numbers you can access the locked door with the password you found. You can always just guess the password. But that's a lot of numbers to guess. You're prize. Raging Giant Garment Grid. Mediocre for what you had to do. 

Also if you're doing the Cactuar sidequest right now. you'll find one of the cactuars here at the beach.. Assuming you're going in order.