Thursday, February 11, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Bikanel The Hunt for Cactuar

Ready for the worst Psuedo Sidequest in the game. I bet you are.  Aside from Bikanel being need for an episode complete in Djose. You're now gonna hunt for Cactuar. And play a crappy mini-Game. I hate this quest. Basically you gotta hunt down the Cactuar one by one. You do this in the most tedious way. You travel to the Cactuar Nation. Talk to one of the Cacti. They give you a vague hint as to where the Cactuar might be. And you go hunt them down. But that's not all.

You need to play another Mini-game and a rather frustrating one. I can't think of what game this is like but basically to defeat the cactuar you most shoot it. But its not that simple. Images will flash on the screen between what you get to shoot. You're aiming for the Cactuar. So you shoot it. But beware. There's some total bull shit that comes with this. See sometimes when you shoot the cactuar one of many things happens.

-You hit

-You hit and get countered

-You totally hit cause the image shifted.

-You Miss anyway cause the game is a dick.

You get a limited number of shots. And you need to deplete the Cactuar's HP. However the Cactuar can counter you. Which if they hit with there counter attack you lose bullets. Run out of bullets and you lose. See how Bull Shit this mini-game is?  Regardless of whether you win or lose, you'll get to take the Cactuar home and hunt for the next one.  See you need to find all of them so they can revive the GREAT HABOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!! It'll make sense later on.

Also another note. You can only get so many this chapter before the game forcibly stops you from finding the last few.