Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch3 Calm Lands Gorge Tourist Trap

Well it's obvious how idiotic people are. They went ahead and turn this cave. Into a Tourist Attractions and now they're paying for it. You get the option to say FU or help them. Help them...just do it. I mean seriously let's not be heartless here. 

You're main quest is to rescue all the people from being trapped here. But they're all scared little pansies. They only like to travel in specific groups so you'll be making tons of trips. You can choose to rescue them however you want or follow a specific order. If you follow a specific order you'll save every last person and get more rewards. 

But more importantly we need to save enough to at least get access to the back room. Where...well Yojimbo resides. 

Now the fight with Yojimbo...you need to kill him fast. As the battle drags on he'll start using stronger moves. Eventually Zanmato will come out. But thankfully it doesn't insta-kill...instead it puts your party's HP and MP down to 1.