Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch.3 Mt. Gagazet Stop the Ronso Rage

Ok time to make a choice. Either be responsible for the genocide of another race of Spira. Or Save them and make Kimarhi a good guy. If you chose the former. Well talk to Kimarhi anyway. You get the Trainer Dressphere. 

Trainer is one of the dressphere's that's unique for each girl. Aside from the animal they have. They also have different movesets. Yuna has elemental skills. Paine has status debuffs. And Rikku has Support thieving skills. You also have to deal with the animal attacking. Which sometimes proves to be a chore than helpful. 

Anyway if you chose to save the Guado and stop these Ronso. Time to climb the mountain. You're headed pretty much to Zanarkand so travel a long way. And defeat Garik. Garik is pretty much gonna buff himself and allies then attack. Pretty easy. 
But if you want Mighty Guard confuse Garik he should use it eventually. You can wait some time for it and find different enemies or in HD Remaster/International just go to the arena and get it.