Saturday, February 27, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch4 1000 Words

Alright time to end Chapter 4. Make sure you got all you commsphere events done and when ready proceed. At this point there's no turning back. 

Yuna needs to get ready for the concert and get a Dress Rehearsal in. So you play a mini-game with Riku. Simply press or really mash the button that appears on screen. If you manage to get a high score you'll get the most cock-block accessory in the game. Shmooth Shailing which gives the Super Ribbon ability. Guess what this is completely useless. It's supposed to protect 100% against all status aliments but you're hit with Slow status. -_- Its really useless. 

Next well down in the Thunder Plains aside from angry fans. We have another problem. Fiends. Yep. They want to crash the concert. So time for the girls to mop up. Deep inside the cave you'll find the boss another Dragon to take down. Obviously stronger than the one in the 1st chapter. But still should be a pushover at this point. If you're worried carry some fire-resistance. But considering all the dressphere's you have. You can take this out easily. 

Now when you're ready you can enjoy the concert and honestly the best FMV of the game. Too bad I'm not gonna show it here. Square Enix would roast me alive if I showed it. So you gotta watch that on your own.