Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch4 Commsphere's 2

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So more Commsphere shenanigans. But the most important one. This is a definite requirement if you want some sort of ending in Mi'Hen Highroad along with a random accessory.

Rin needs our help to figure out what made the Machina go haywire along with the Hovercraft crashing.

You can just investigate anything and everything and get a generic ending to it usually results in a episode complete. Or you can be specific and pin it on 5 specific people. To spoil you right now its:

  • -Rikku (Good End)
  • -Chocobo Eater (Good End)
  • -Calli (Bad end)
  • -A random NPC (Bad End)
  • -Rin himself.  (Bad End)

By good end and bad end I mean Episode Complete/Concluded (Good/Bad).  You want episode complete. So ensure you're going for that or just use a guide. Random NPC is rather funny though. Along with Rikku's.