Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Freedom Planet - The Movie (Lilac, Carol, & Milla Scenes + Gameplay)

Since for once in a rare occurrence I had a free week to myself. I decided to waste it doing this lol.  

So I took all my gameplay clips and threw it all together in a movie like format. I know I made some mistakes well a lot of mistakes when editing. But I'll fix them all when Torque and Spade are officially released. So you can go ahead and point out all my mistakes. Just won't be fixed for awhile. Took a full day of recording, editing, and rendering. Even my PC crashed in the midst of rendering. -_- I'll do better next time. 

I should've put the trailer for Freedom Planet 2 at the end. And I should play better I suppose. There's just some stages I'm not good at with various characters at all.

-The Space Cooties line was removed from the current version.
-The line about Carol and Milla liking each other was removed from the current version.
-The Quality should hopefully update to 720p 60fps. It is an 8 gig video so it'll take awhile.